Wednesday 8 May 2019

11 Great Reasons to Buy Cursed Lands

After 8 months of work and thousands of hours spent writing, re-writing and editing, Cursed Lands is finally HERE! We’re so excited to share our stories with you and for this week only, you can buy all 25 books for just 99 cents.

We’re also extending our pre-order gift offer for a few more days – check it out here!

If you love dystopian, urban fantasy or paranormal romance books, you won’t want to miss these great novels by some of today’s most popular indie authors.

Still not convinced? Here are 11 great reasons why you should buy Cursed Lands TODAY.

1) It’s An Unbeatable Deal
25 books for less than a dollar? We dare you to find a better deal than that! And these aren’t short stories – every book in Cursed Lands is a full-length novella or novel of up to 80,000 words. That’s a LOT of pages.

2) You’ll Be Helping Indie Authors
Not to get all “woe is me” on you, but building a career as an indie author can be tough. We’ve each invested hundreds of dollars of our own money in producing these books to make them perfect.

Becoming a USA Today Bestselling Author is a huge achievement for any author. Most bestselling authors have big publishing companies with huge budgets behind them. We indie authors just have our own blood, sweat and tears (yes, we’ve shed all three over the past six months) and our own money to try to earn the title of a bestselling author.

By buying Cursed Lands, you’re helping 24 indie authors take the next step on their career path. As we support each other, so we look to readers to support us.

3) We Have a Bonus Gift for You…
We said you get 25 books when you buy Cursed Lands. Actually, we were wrong. You can get 37!

If you buy Cursed Lands before May 12th, you can get an extra 12 books for free in our special bonus gift pack! Once you’ve got your copy of Cursed Lands, check out this page on our website to claim your free books.

4) You Won’t Have to Worry About What to Do This Weekend
In fact, cancel any plans you do have – with 100 hours of reading, Cursed Lands has enough books to keep even the faster reader occupied.

Take that as a challenge if you like… ;-)

With any luck, it will be a rainy weekend and you’ll be able to curl up with a cup of coffee and lose yourself in the worlds inside Cursed Lands.

5) Find Some New Authors You Love
It’s easy to get stuck in a reading rut and just read books by authors you know and love. But don’t you get itchy fingers when you’ve run out of books to read?

Cursed Lands gives you the opportunity to try 25 different authors for less than a quarter of what you’d normally pay for a single ebook. You may not love ALL our books, but we’re pretty sure you’ll find some new authors to follow and new books to devour!

6) You Can Share All 25 Books With Your Family
Did you know that on Amazon, you can share books with other members of your family? Amazon household allows you to share digital content, including ebooks, between two adults and up to four teens.

That’s better than a trip to the library! Find out how to share your copy of Cursed Lands with your partner or kids here.

7) We Truly Appreciate Every Sale
When you’re a traditional author, you don’t really know who’s buying your book. You may do the odd signing where you get to meet fans, but most of the time your sales are just numbers on a 6-monthly royalty check.

As indie authors, we appreciate each and every sale of our book and we will thank each and every reader who lets us know they’ve bought Cursed Lands. Put us to the test in the Cursed Lands Party Room!

8) You Don’t Want to Miss Out
Cursed Lands is a LIMITED-EDITION collection. We take that quite literally – it will only be available for a matter of weeks and if you want to get all 25 books for 99¢, then you NEED to buy it this week.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you...

9) They’re Suitable for Teens and Adults
As we have a mix of young adult and new adult authors, we wanted to make sure that readers would know which stories would suit them. So we came up with a unique rating system.

Each story has been given one of 3 ratings:

Sun = clean, minimal violence, no swearing or sex

Half moon = mostly clean, some violence, mild swearing, no sex

Moon = more graphic violence and steamy stories

Most of the stories we’d be happy for our teenagers to read, but there are a few with more adult themes. Of course, you don’t have to be a young adult to enjoy YA books. ;-)

10) You Can’t Get These Books Anywhere Else
All of the books in this collection are exclusive to Cursed Lands. That means you can’t get them anywhere else!

11) We Need YOUR Help to Achieve Our Dream
We came together as a group of authors 8 months ago because we had a common dream – we wanted to earn the right to call ourselves bestselling authors. We knew we couldn’t achieve this alone and we’d have to work as a team to have any chance of hitting our goal.

As we said above, we don’t have a big publisher’s budget to skyrocket us to success. We have to climb that mountain ourselves, one slow step at a time.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far. We’ve worked late into the night, sacrificed our evenings, weekends and lie-ins, and put our spare dollars into marketing rather than treating ourselves to luxuries. Every step of the way, we’ve kept sight of our dream – to hit the USA Today Bestseller list.

But dreams are not achieved purely through hard work.

You also need luck, and people to support you. And that’s where you come in...

Our readers are our greatest assets. You’re the ones who decide whether a book succeeds or fails. If, next week, we become bestselling authors, it will be because of your support.

It may be a dollar to you, but to us, it’s one step closer to our dream.

A dream that rests in your hands.

Click here to buy your copy of Cursed Lands.

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