Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sick Note

Hello, everyone. As you might guess from the headline, I'm feeling very ill. I've caught some bug that's stuffed up my head and is making me ache all over, especially when I cough.

So, yeah. It's not fun being me at the moment.

But I wanted to give the aspiring writers out there a heads up on a couple of contests in the blogosphere.

There's a contest going on at Got YA that focuses on voice in your manuscript. Your entry should consist of 200 words from your manuscript that best showcases your story's voice. Entries will be judged by author Hannah Moskowitz and agent Taylor Martindale of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. The contest is open until this Friday.

Also, there is a contest beginning on May 1st at author J.A. Souders's blog and details can be found here.

Good luck to all that enter! Be sure to let me know if you win and I can announce it here for you.


Stina said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Oh, and no one needs to enter the GOTYA contest. I'm going to win!

I wish. :)

And it's not a pitch contest. It's 200-words from your novel that best showcases your voice.

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Thanks, I'm fixing the sentence now. I blame it on my illness. *cough/sneeze*

Good luck! (I entered too,heehee!)

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Feel better soon!!

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Thank you, Karen.

Gina said...

So sorry to hear that you are under the weather...summer colds are the worst. Sending you warm wishes of get well soon...and recommending hot tea and bed rest.

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Thanks, Gina. *hugs*

Suzette Saxton said...

I hope you feel better soon! And thanks for spreading the word about contests. =)

Gary Ponzo said...

Dorothy, I found you by a #ff on Twitter and glad I did. I enjoy this blog and will certainly follow. FYI I run a monthly writing contest through my blog where I never charge a fee and this month the judge is literary agent Robert Brown with Wylie-Merrick Agency. First prize is a $50.00 Amazon gift card. Any writers, (including yourself, of course) are welcome to participate in the contest. This month is opening scenes. 500 words max.
Hope you feel better, Gary Ponzo

Heather Babes said...

Hope you're feeling well soon! I have a similar cold so I can literally feel your pain! :)