Saturday 17 November 2018

Cursed Lands is available for pre-order!

What if I told you you can get 37 books for the low price of 99¢—15 now and 22 later?

You wouldn't pass up a deal like that, would you? Me neither!

Don't miss out on the Cursed Lands boxed set, filled with amazing urban fantasy, dystopian, and paranormal tales that will leave you breathless.

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Mysterious strangers. Hidden abilities. Inescapable darkness…

Join our courageous heroines and heroes as they battle demons, governments, and secret organizations in worlds where fae, vampires, angels, witches, humans, and more fight for survival.

Cursed Lands will lead you through one doomed world after another in this haunting dystopian, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance boxed set. Inside, you'll find 22 exclusive, page-turning tales from today's bestselling and award-winning authors.

Do you dare venture into Cursed Lands, where magic, danger, and romance lurk between the shadows and the light?

One-click today to indulge in over 100 hours of bewitching young adult and new adult reads in this epic limited time collection.

With stories from:

RWA Award Winners Kim Cresswell and M.K. Chester
Emma Hamm
Nina Walker
Claire Luana
Dorothy Dreyer
Elle Scott
A.J. Flowers
Krista Street
Alison Ingleby
Angela Kulig and Taylor Haiden
USA Today Bestselling Author B. Kristin McMichael
Ella Wayne
Jenna Lee
Char Webster
K.A. Parkinson
J.L. Myers
Steven Whibley
S K Gregory
Deanna Fugett
Lichelle Slater
Michael J. Allen
Lee French

And as a bonus you get 15 books right away for free just for pre-ordering. You can claim your free books here >>>

Enjoy your trip into Cursed Lands. See you on the other side!
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