Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What's Been Keeping Me From Writing

Life gets busy. It's a fact. But hopefully you writers out there aren't letting life completely wipe out your writing progress. Yes, there are times when you've got so much on your plate you can't even spare a minute to write one sentence. But hopefully your hectic schedules won't ever completely stop you from writing.

For me, even when I'm too busy to immerse myself in a world totally made up in my head, I plan. I more or less outline how I want my current story - or my next story - to pan out. I've got three stories swirling about in my head that I'd love to have time to write right now, but alas, there is life tripping me up.

For the last few weeks, it's been baking that's getting in the way. My husband, my son, and two good friends of mine have all had birthdays in the last four weeks, and somehow my creativity has been flowing through my oven. Which is fine - baking cupcakes is kinda fun. And yummy. But actually, all that mixing and pouring and crushing and frosting has the writing wheels in my head chugging along. I will be writing again soon. Very soon. I just know it.

Oh, and the baking? Let me just show you.

Oreo cupcakes. And yes, there's an Oreo at the bottom too!

Cookie-crumble bottom vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and caramel drizzle (and surprise caramel mousse chocolate inside).


Gina said...

It's good to have a distraction sometimes too, it can get the creative juices flowing that much more. As for the cupcakes....I suddenly have a HUGE jones for some baked goodss. Off to raid the fridge.... ^_^

Dorothy Dreyer said...

I gain weight just looking at these pictures again, lol.