Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Three Two One Pitch Contest!

This contest is now closed. Good luck to everyone who entered. I will announce the winner as soon as Natalie makes her decision. Thanks to everyone who participated.

It's finally here! The official post for the Three Two One Pitch contest. Are your pitches ready? Great! Let's go over the rules one more time before you hit that "comment" button too quickly.

  • THREE - Pitch your story in only three sentences. 
  • TWO - Two days to enter: June 7th and 8th.
  • ONE - One awesome agent—Natalie Lakosil of The Bradford Literary Agency— will judge and pick a winner.

How do you enter? Make sure you follow the directions correctly! In the comments section of this post, type in the following information:

  • Name and email
  • Title of your manuscript
  • Genre of your manuscript
  • Word count
  • Three-sentence pitch. (No more than three sentences or you'll be disqualified.)

Leave a space between your word count and pitch to make it easier for Natalie. You have from now until midnight (EDT), June 8th, to enter. After that, I will turn off comments and no other entries will be accepted. The winner will be announced when the judging is done and will get a full manuscript request from Natalie!

This contest is open to unagented, completed and polished manuscripts in the genres of:
  • MG
  • YA
  • Contemporary, Paranormal, or Historical Romance
  • Upmarket Women's Fiction
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • Thrillers and Darker Contemporary Fiction

You may enter pitches for up to TWO different manuscripts, but they must be in separate comments.

To be eligible, you must:
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  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Spread the word! Tweet, Blog, or mention on Facebook about the contest linking back to this post

Not necessary, but in the spirit of paying it forward:

Good luck, everyone. Can't wait to read all your pitches. On your mark, get set, pitch!


Sam Walker said...

S P Mount
Prickly Scots Pts I & II
(405,000 wds collectively)

'Prickly Scots (pts I & II) a book for all ages, dares to break self-evolved rules and is a story like no other; blending comedy with a fantastical plot and a sense of everydayness, its uniqueness and finely woven intricacy consistently delivering surprise elements right to the end. An irascible plant-life, in charge of operating a space-faring castle, an intolerant 'galactic community' and a motley crew of finely nuanced (human) characters in three time periods, each with their own agenda, all get caught up in the time travelling, inter-dimensional adventure of one immortal family's ancient curse. Attempting to solve a cryptic clue, and with their only way back stolen, book II sees the cast stuck in 1587 Inverness, while the locals pop up in different centuries, causing parallels to intermingle in 1934 Loch Ness - a situation that drastically affects present-day timelines, personalities and even the very existence of some.

Sam Walker said...

S P Mount
Warped Mirrors
56,160 wds

Whisked from his impoverished existence to find himself special guest of honour in a place that he's only ever seen on a waking plane - a Scottish country mansion - an impoverished boy meets who he thinks is his older self - but if only it were that simple. The situation soon proves to be much more than the upper-crust experience Julian Abercrombie bargained for as he teeters on a tightrope between the two classes; what he didn't expect, was to be at the mercy of his sinister hosts; putty in the hands of one, Julian's hormones go into overdrive to cause some embarrassing situations as he falls in lust with an older woman - a femme fatale for whom he has a constant erection - as, simultaneously, he tries to deal with the ominous purpose that her boyfriend has for inviting him in the first instance; presented with a dire ultimatum; sacrifice his soul or be responsible for the deaths of everyone around him the very next day. Overnight, with the help of a peculiar housekeeper, Julian must decipher the complexity of an unusual Mayan globe originated from an alternate universe, together with a mysterious board game - one that manipulates time, dimension and weather, and the key to averting a life-changing threat.

A. K. Fotinos-Hoyer said...

A. K. Fotinos-Hoyer
YA Urban Fantasy
57,000 words

Shortly after seventeen-year-old Selina Kane discovers she is the last living Necromancer, the undead attack and she watches helplessly through the only spell she can conjure – a protective shield – as her soul-mate is dragged from her. There are two ways to save her boyfriend: kill him and condemn his soul to service as a Ferryman or make dark alliances with the undead.

Lissa Bilyk said...

Lissa Bilyk – alissa(dot)bilyk(at)gmail(dot)com
Young Adult High Fantasy
70,000 words.

When fourteen year old Innocence Frostcaller is claimed from her sheltered sylph village life by her absent father, a rare male banshee, neither of them realise they are stumbling into a three-way war that will ultimately decide the fate of magic and the world in which they live.

As the Walker, Innocence is expected to unit unite her people and save their land from destruction from the malevolent human Council, who want nothing more than to dominate and enslave Innocence’s fellow Fae using elemental magic to further their war with their naval neighbours.

Innocence must master all of the magic within her and overcome each of the Fae’s deadly rites of passage all while staying under the Council’s radar: because once they know about her, they will stop at nothing to use her to win their war – or destroy her in the process.

Stephanie said...

Name and email: Stephanie Haefner, haefner919 at yahoo dot com

Title of your manuscript: Try Me On For Size

Genre of your manuscript: Contemporary Romance

Word count: 80,000

Three-sentence pitch: In an attempt to save her floundering lingerie business, Mia suggests a radical idea: a custom-designed sex toy. She just didn’t expect to be the one to test out the prototypes, or find love in the process.

When her widowed business partner is emotionally unable to help with the hands on research this venture requires, it’s up to Mia to have sex with the potential “Spokespenises,” whose presence in the store will be just as important as their toys on the shelf, but once the first bedroom interview is complete, she realizes it’s not as easy as she thought to keep these trysts all business and no pleasure.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Laurie Dennison said...

Laurie Dennison, dennison2969 (at) hotmail (dot) com

YA fantasy
83,000 words

The civilization that vanished from the banks of the Mississippi River in 1015 still thrives in seclusion from the outside world. When a not-so-sweet sixteen spurs artsy and self-conscious Etta to trespass in the time-suspended realm, she’ll have to use her creativity to conceal her identity from the tribe. With her infuriating but gorgeous ally Gabriel, Etta will try to forsake her past for a chance at love and eternal life, and one wrong move could reveal her secret and forfeit both their necks to the altar stone.

Mia K Rose said...

Mia K Rose // miakrose[at]gmail[dot]com
YA Contemporary Fantasy
73,500 words.

When mages abduct sixteen-year-old Aisling and take her to the Dome, a training facility for teenage neophytes, her abilities as a necromancer cause everyone to shun her. After two female students are found dead without a scratch, Aisling becomes the prime suspect. Now, she must overcome her fear of the dead, embrace her abilities, and delve into the corpses' last memories, but with halls filled with teenagers learning dangerous new magic, Aisling can't rule anyone out.

Vicki Tremper said...

Vicki Tremper
vtremp at yahoo dot com
Magical MG Mystery
37,000 words

When Houdini-obsessed Daniel suddenly becomes invisible in class, he’s afraid everyone will find out and label him a freak. Hiding the secret from his best friend—a class clown with secrets of his own—splashes him into the sixth grade equivalent of the Chinese Water Torture, with no hope of escape. But once his older brother is accused of burglary, Daniel is forced to master his new ability and conjure up his courage to protect the family he used to consider normal.

Cheryl Koevoet said...

Name: Cheryl Koevoet cherylhettick (at) hotmail (dot) com
Genre: YA Thriller
Word count: 89,000

Life after high school sure isn't turning out the way Marisa MacCallum had planned but when she meets the mysterious Darian Fiore in the cursed woods of Gold Hill her circumstances take an unexpected turn.

With nothing to lose but her heart, she joins Darian on a risky diplomatic mission to negotiate peace with his cousin and archenemy Savino but soon realizes she is falling for the man just beyond her reach.

Struggling to discover her purpose at the epicenter of an alternate dimension, Marisa is caught in the crossfire between two noblemen bound together by an ancient legacy - one that will use all means possible to claim her life in the end.

Laura Hughes, MittensMorgul said...

Laura Hughes
LauraHughesAuthor (at) gmail (dot) com
Urban Fantasy
105,000 words

Thalia Drake has been hiding her true identity for nearly six hundred years, blending in with the other shapeshifters who use their natural talents for battle and near-immortality to defend their human allies.

A string of ritualistic murders in South Florida attracts the attention of the shifter division of the FBI, and Thalia immediately notices a detail that anyone other than a dragon would have missed, which terrifies her since she thought she was the only dragon left.

If she divulges the significance of the clues and their importance in dragon lore, she might be able to stop the killer before he targets any of the shifters she works with, but the cost of revealing what she knows could be her own death.

Kathryn Holmes said...

Kathryn Holmes
kathryn.m.holmes (at) gmail (dot) com
YA contemporary fantasy
97,500 words

New York City’s subway trains are alive, and the creatures, called Pergs, choose 16-year-old Cordelia to join the top-secret ranks of those who care for them. She learns that she has a natural and rare connection to the Pergs, which makes the stress of juggling Perg training alongside school, dance classes, friendship, and a new crush all worth it. And so when a government plan to overhaul the subway system leads to Pergs getting sick and MTA employees going missing and turning up dead, Cordelia makes the dangerous decision to find out what’s really going on—before anyone else pays the ultimate price.

Kate Brauning said...

Kate Brauning
YA fantasy, 104,000.

The Muses prophesied non-magical Ava could defeat the god of war and his witches before they crush the Middle East on their way to global domination. This seems unlikely, but so is living in the Garden of Eden with the Olympians. Ava can’t ignore the threat; she finally has a family in Eden, and she can’t let her newfound friendships be destroyed.

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Rachel Schieffelbein
MG fantasy
20,000 words

Gretel holds herself responsible for her little brother's safety, so when she gets them captured by a witch she's racked with guilt. The witch intends to make a meal of Hansel, unless Gretel will make a deal with her which would increase the witch's power. Gretel must decide if she's willing to endanger countless other children, and risk becoming a wicked witch herself, to save her beloved brother.

Chris Hollenback said...

Chris Hollenback
75,000 words

A sculptor with an affinity for murder poses his victims in public to bring famous paintings to life. When narcoleptic reporter Casey Thread has a tryst with Elena Ortega, it ends prematurely due to a sleep attack. Days later, Elena disappears and Casey, worried for his friend and sensing the scoop of a lifetime, teams with Nell, an FBI agent, to find Elena before she becomes one of the killer’s statues—-but in the process Casey wonders if his true love is Elena or Nell.

Amanda Hartley said...

Amanda Hartley
YA contemporary
57,500 words

Good girl Jamie persuades her parents to let younger sister, Gwen, attend a weekend cottage party where Gwen plummets to her death in what appears to be a drug-fueled suicide. The blame falls on Jamie but she refuses to believe that Gwen got high and threw herself off a cliff, even if her sister’s reputation and list of past mistakes have everyone else convinced that she was troubled and impulsive enough to jump. Jamie’s grief is consumed by the need to show them that they’ve got Gwen all wrong, but as she unravels her sister’s true character the relationships keeping Jamie together unravel as well and she finds herself questioning if she ever really knew Gwen at all.

Tanya Reimer said...

Paranormal Romance
108,000 words

Storm Whisperer Knife is dying and the only Whisperer who can help him is his enemy, the beautiful, yet deadly, Wind Whisperer Leader.

When Knife stands before her, teasing her with his stormy magic, well... the pull is enticing, naughty, and just the break Leader craves.

Together they fight Dark Whisperers, gods, their past, even their own families, in order to create a storm that will bind their souls forever.

George Anthony Kulz said...

George Anthony Kulz
Oliver and the Underlings
MG Fantasy
50,000 words

Oliver Bradshaw wants a normal life. That's hard to do when his mom keeps freaking out, his dad is missing, and he's dealing with monsters. With the help of his best friend, his worst enemy, and an unlikely ally, Oliver searches an unknown world filled with monsters and magic to bring his dad home.

Suzanne Snyder-Carroll said...

Suzanne Snyder-Carroll,
Upmarket Women’s Fiction
100,000 words

After a hurricane, 54-year old Hester Murphy returns to her damaged South Florida trailer and finds her naked husband Al unconscious in bed next to the dead body of her former student Nina. Desperate to hang onto her thirty-year marriage despite Al's betrayal, Hester buries the young woman’s body next to the trailer. As greedy developers descend like vultures on the park's prime real estate and get closer and closer to exposing her secret, Hester is faced with the truths about Nina’s past, Al’s flaws, and her own sins.

Feaky Snucker said...

Tamara Pederson
tamarapederson (at)
YA Urban fantasy
62,000 words

Syxx learns that the corrupt Fae Council have manipulated her into coming to the city to participate in a forced breeding ceremony. Overthrowing the eight Fae council members is the least of her worries. If she's discovered, she risks death - if she fails, she'll become a forced participant in the breeding ceremony.

Mark Kirkbride said...

Mark Kirkbride - MarkKirkbride[at]talktalk[dot]net
Thriller/Darker Contemporary Fiction
70,130 words

Twisted seventeen-year-old twins James and Louise meet a man at a nightclub who’s been questioned by police in the hunt for the serial killer terrorizing the neighborhood but who tempts them with the prospect of joining secret society ‘the Devil’s Fan Club’. They are ripe for corruption, so even when they learn that members must commit a crime and theirs is the ultimate one, they are enthralled: half-believing they’ve met him, they go over to the Devil’s camp; and rather than trying to catch a killer, they cover for one. Yet the task is too dreadful to complete, the killer gets closer and James fears Louise will be next...

A.J. Locke said...

Name and email – A.J. Locke,
Title of your manuscript – Black Widow Witch
Genre of your manuscript – Adult Urban Fantasy
Word count – 92,000

Three-sentence pitch:

Malachi Erami is a witch whose affair with the witch queen’s favorite lover Knave, gained her a Black Widow curse; she will slaughter any man she falls in love with.

Living in exile among witch hating humans, Malachi meets Julian, and he becomes the first man she’s ever had feelings for since Knave.

While trying to keep her curse dormant, Malachi struggles with helping or stopping an assassination attempt against the queen, which will break all curses but is not guaranteed to succeed, when the queen tells her if she stops it she will break her curse and reunite her with Knave.

Jenn said...

Jenn Soehnlin
jenn.soehnlin (at)
Right State of Mind
YA sci-fi
53,000 words

When classmates begin exhibiting unlimited creativity with complete unawareness of what they are doing until after their masterpiece is complete, Ivy, senior editor of the newspaper, rushes to research the cause. Her own brother is among those affected, and after careful observation she discovers that not only are the creative episodes increasing in frequency, but they're also accompanied by dangerous side effects: one of which kills a classmate. Her brother joins her in a desperate attempt to piece together the mystery of the creative episodes before he or someone else gets seriously hurt--or before the source of the increased creativity is about to be unleashed on the entire unsuspecting school.

Nazarea Andrews said...

Nazarea Andrews
Across the Stars
YA sci-fi

When psychics Jonah and his sister Chosi are stolen from their planet by slavery, they maintain sanity with the comfort of each other. But when they are separated by galaxies the twins must find a way back to one another and fight against the bonds that define them. As violence across the galaxies increases, leaving casualties in it’s wake, the twins must decide what they are willing to do to survive, and find each other.

Unknown said...

April Wall aprilewelch[at]gmail[dot]com

MG Fantasy
56000 words

When thirteen-year-old Jonathan Vygil learns monsters have been unfairly labeled as evil, he joins his family’s secret order of monster protectors where he’ll train with Tertulius, his half-bird/half-turtle guide, to learn why the existence of the shapeshifting creatures is vital to all life on Earth. But before his instruction begins, Tertulius disappears and Jonathan hurdles headlong into a frantic search for his creature teacher. During his rescue mission, he realizes many people desire the rare beasts his family protects and should he fail to save Tertulius, the planet itself will be in peril.

Nicole Zoltack said...
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Unknown said...

Summer Heacock
Women's Fiction
90,000 words

Stay at Home Mom Ellie hides in her fantasies. With a knack for public humiliation, an ongoing battle with an uber crunchy soccer mom and a nudist mother in law, who could blame her? Will her husband’s indiscretion with a co-worker force her into the real world?

Nicole Zoltack said...

Nicole Zoltack
YA Fantasy
78,000 words

Princess Leila thought her biggest problems were nearing princess spinsterhood at sixteen and entertaining boring princes like Henrick. But when Leila is kidnapped by a dragon who plans to use her and the book-smart Princess Margriet as rescue bait to lure princes to his lair, she realizes her problems have only just begun. As friendships are formed and rescue seems impossible, falling in love has never been more dangerous.

Shelly Bell said...

Shelly Bell
Angelic Wrath
Paranormal Romance
Complete at 97,000 words

Abuse survivor Eden Moore won’t let anyone stop her from killing the man responsible for her mother’s murder, even sexy law student, Rafe. Prophesied to break the first seal of the apocalypse, undercover guardian angel, Rafe Lopez, is assigned to stop Eden from carrying out her revenge, but instead, becomes entangled in her plot as he’s drawn to his courageous and angry charge. Threatened by both her abuser and a powerful demon, Eden and Rafe will risk their souls for one another as they fight the inevitable and attempt to change their fate.

Unknown said...

Summer Heacock
98,000 Words

Isadora learns she is destined to be the most powerful of the pure natured Parion, a people who possess the ability to alter their surroundings and physically project almost anything with their minds, and she will one day play an important role in deciding if they triumph over the black blooded Melanocent.

Settling into this new world, (and making peace with her roommate’s purple pet raccoon…) she finds herself flustered by an unwelcome romantic attraction to a tortured boy with mysterious gray blood, bullied by an unexpected rival and the target of repeated attacks by the Melanocent.

The clock is ticking, and when Isadora learns that her powers might never come in at all, it may be too late to save herself and the only people she has ever loved.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Nicole Zoltack
MG Fantasy Adventure
34,000 words

Ten-year-old Prince Cassandra’s latest adventure turns into a misadventure when a large rock crushes her friend's leg. With the help of a "stolen" horse and a baby griffin, Cassandra seeks out treasure so the royal healers will help her friend, but she isn't the only one on the hunt as an evil sorcerer also seeks the treasure. Cassandra must find the treasure and soon, before the sorcerer kills her and makes this adventure her last.

Amanda said...

Amanda Burckhard
YA Paranormal Suspense with romantic elements
75,000 words

High school senior Alita sees herself at Princeton; taking tests, meeting boys, not developing psychic powers, not crushing on a boy who saves her from a psycho who wants said powers, and definitely not unleashing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The ability to manipulate any form of energy she develops on her eighteenth birthday doesn’t just ruin her Princeton dreams - it earns her a stalker who wants her power, baits her, and uses her lack of control of the ability to unleash the Four Horsemen. As the world dissolves around her, she must choose to either send the Horsemen back to whatever stinking hellhole they came from, sacrificing the boy she loves in the process, or let Armageddon unfurl.

Loralie Hall said...

Loralie Hall - loralie.hall (at) gmail (dot) com
Forever, Or Just For Tonight?
Contemporary Romance
75,000 words

A no-strings attached fling with her roommate teaches Riley she’s a one-man woman, and leaves her looking for a less-awkward living situation. Intelligent, sexy Zane seems like the perfect answer to both, and sparks fly in the new apartment until she realizes he’s only interested in a one-night stand. With friendship and love on the line they’ll have to reconcile their conflicting ideas about romance, or lose both.

Kimberly Gould said...

Kimberly Gould (Kimmydonn@gmail)
Never Say Die (tentative)
YA Horror
56 800
Buffy the vampire-slayer is caught in Ground Hog Day. Cassandra has survived the zombie apocalypse before. Now she has to do it again, but this time she has a chance to prevent it.

Heather Hawke said...

Heather Hawke
hawke AT sonic DOT net
45,000 words

Right after twelve-year old Justin texts his friend, “Beat game. Blew everything up,” a dragon hurtles out of a portal and sets his neighbor’s house on fire. To escape the blame, Justin accepts a quest from a sphinx to transport a dragon egg from the blasted house to its mother. Pursued by a dragon desperate to recapture the egg, Justin must interpret the sphinx’s texted clues in time or all dragons will go extinct and he will never see home again, not even juvenile hall.

Rachel said...

Rachel Horwitz
YA Fantasy

One day, thirteen year old Jake is a wallflower, and the next he finds himself in a world where the human-like animal inhabitants believe he is foretold to dethrone a tyrant. According to local tradition, he is given a spirit guide, the dragon, to protect him from harm. With the help of his dragon spirit, Jake hopes he can stop an oncoming war without anyone discovering that the prophecy isn’t actually about him.

Unknown said...

Adrian V. Diglio
YA epic fantasy
99,000 words

In the merciless world of Thornwall, a pantheon of eight mortal Black Smiths wield divine forging hammers, able to carve mountains, alter the color of the sun, and even create life. THE SOUL SMITH is the story of an adolescent elkin (a man endowed with antlers) and his pursuit to avenge the death of his father as he leads a host of mercenaries to battle against the murderous traitor, unknowingly interfering with the dealings of a god.
THE SOUL SMITH combines the writing style of Christopher Paolini with a story progression reminiscent of The Hobbit.

Sal said...

Sally Harris (harris.sally at
Diary of a Penguin-napper
Humorous MG Fiction
22 000

Everyone has heard the one about the boy who steals a penguin on a school trip using just his backpack, but nobody has known the full reason why … until now!

When 11 and a half year old Marty Finn is paired up with the most beautiful and popular girl in Year 7 (and probably the world) for the upcoming science excursion, he knows that he will do whatever it takes to raise the money he needs to partner Jessica on the trip.

With the help of his best mate, Turds, and some quirky money making ideas, Marty becomes a man on a mission and he quickly finds out how one big fuss can be caused by stealing just one little penguin.

A.J. Locke said...

Name and email – A.J. Locke,
Title of your manuscript – Affairs of the Dead
Genre of your manuscript – Adult Urban Fantasy
Word count – 86,000

Three-sentence pitch:

Necromancer Selene Vanream helps ghosts settle their affairs so they can fade to the afterlife, but she’s thrown for a loop when she meets Ethan, a ghost who claims he was ousted from his body and someone else took over.

Ethan’s stolen body murdering people and Selene accidentally binding herself to Ethan is enough reason to help him, but when she incurs the body decaying Rot from being bound to a ghost, she really, really needs to get Ethan’s body back.

All that plus an affair with her possessive boss and a changing relationship with a former one night stand will show Selene how much trouble she can get into when she doesn’t follow the rules.

Elysa said...

Elysa Hendricks & Katrina Beal
Upmarket Women's fiction
90,000 Words

What happens when you put two old ladies, four drag queens, and a midget Elvis impersonator in a circus bus on a cross country road trip? You get run-ins with skeezy truckers, Cornhole Festivals, hitchhiking farm boys, tranny fights and buried mob money! GRANNIES & TRANNIES: VEGAS OR BUST combines the best of THE GOLDEN GIRLS with THE BIRD CAGE
on a wild, wacky, and heartfelt road trip to Las Vegas to rescue a friend from the mob.

Tonja Drecker said...

Tonja Drecker -
MG Fantasy
32,000 words

Lindsey dreams of becoming a famous dancer, but when her mother enrolls her into a dance class at the Community Center with a Russian teacher that's as burly as a bear in tights, she's sure her dream will never come true.

Luckily, she discovers an elite dance school a few blocks away, and the teacher, Madame Sinistra, offers to give her lessons for free so long as she promises to perform in the school's mysterious midnight shows.

Lindsey soon becomes the star of the show, but she can't enjoy her success -- not when the other dancers disappear one by one and each time a music box with a figure similar to the missing child joins Madame Sinistra's personal collection.

Layla Messner said...

Layla Messner (
YA Paranormal Romance
68,000 words

Sixteen-year-old dance student Rachel is falling hard for Leo, the young man who rescued her from drowning when she was five, until she begins to recover past-life memories of the day Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried first century Pompeii. Aniela, Rachel’s past incarnation, lay on her back in a pool of blood, waiting for her beloved husband, Leonardo, but instead of saving her, he murdered her. Can the unforgiveable ever be forgiven?

Snowmen Write said...

Crystal Garner and Erin Rosch;
YA Mythological retelling
79,000 words

After his mother, Aphrodite, abducted his love Eros fled Mount Olympus, until his hope is restored with a descendent of his lost love, Mariposa. But she is also stolen at the hands of Aphrodite, breaking Eros and forcing him to escape back to Mount Olympus leaving Mariposa defenseless. Determined, she sets out to prove her worthiness of Eros’ love with a quest to the underworld where her chances of survival are lost, Eros must find a way to look past his shattered heart and find her before her fragile human life is eternally lost.

Crystal Collier said...

Crystal Collier
Dark Moon
YA Historical Fantasy
85,000 words

1768: As the only (and unattractive) child of a country nobleman, Alexia has spent all her life “hiding”, but at sixteen she can hide no longer. As heads turn and jaws drop, she is forced to recognize her suddenly altered and breathtaking physique—yet, no matter how gratifying the experience, it cannot prepare her for witnessing an impossible murder, the infusion of a stunning but dangerous man in her life, or the realization that her “world” is a fa├žade. Now she has a choice: leap blindly into the unknown, toward him, or spend the rest of her mortality watching for red-eyed wraiths each moonless night.

Julia Munroe Martin said...

Julia Munroe Martin
81,700 words

Writer ANNIE BYRNE moves alone to an island in Maine and buys a tumbledown cottage with a mystery in its walls: a journal hidden by the previous owner. Revelations in the journal have crossovers to her own life that allow Annie to lie about who she is to try and fit into an unwelcoming town. Merging the fundamentals of house construction with emotion and love, THE COTTAGE ON QUARRY ISLAND explores how rebuilding the cottage metaphorically represents the rebuilding of Annie’s life—including love with the much-younger carpenter who helps rebuild the cottage and Annie's heart, too.

Lil_Miss_Roe said...

Rochele Rosa
Vicious Circle
YA Light Science Fiction/ Speculative Fiction
66,000 words

Ever since Ellie and her siblings were orphaned, she has been plagued with paranoia and has created a theory around the masked person who stalks them, but her siblings don't want to hear it. 
When that mysterious person bombards them with toxic gas, their sheltered lives shatter as they realize that they have been mutated and are thrown into the underground society of mutants.
 As Ellie is preoccupied with battling the school tyrant, she is unaware of the hidden motives behind the masked mutant that will soon enough be revealed.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Amanda Borenstadt

Magical forces have blended modern times with the old west. Poppy's only family, her brother, is thrown headlong into a "time crack" during a quake. She teams up with a monster tracker/gambler and a unicorn to find the missing pieces of the chronotis device, which will allow her to mend the time stream and recover her brother.

Unknown said...

Cheree Smith -
YA urban fantasy

To control the creature threatening to possess her, 16-year-old Scar joins an underground fight club of witches, werewolves and vampires. When fighters begin to disappear and a mysterious video surfaces placing her at the scene of one of the attacks turning her into the prime suspect, she must race to prove her innocence before her true nature is exposed. The only problem is, she's not entirely sure she's innocent.

Triona Murphy said...

Triona Murphy
YA sci-fi thriller
77,000 words

Remy Bardin's parents invented a drug that extends human life by two hundred years, which is why society has fragmented into the long-timers who can afford the pills and the short-timers who would do anything for a few extra years.

Seventeen-year-old Remy's got a guaranteed lifetime supply of the drug, but his perfect world falls apart when an old man threatens to expose his father's secrets and then is murdered.

After breaking into his parents' lab, Remy finds out the horrible truth behind the drug... and he must decide if a few hundred years can possibly be worth the price.

Unknown said...

Rene Mullen
The Unpeople
Darker Contemporary Fiction
70,000 words

With a background in Sign Language, Dr. Helen Collins becomes the voice for those no longer able to speak for themselves. However, when authorities conclude Collins is among the infected undead, she is hunted down while she fights for the simple right to exist. Collins searches for humanity in a world rejecting hers.

Elizabeth Prats said...

Elizabeth Prats
eprats1 (at) gmail (dot) com
YA Myth Retelling
53,000 Words

When Alexandra is rejected by her long-time crush she gets a surprise visit from Cupid, claiming the Fates have dubbed her his new assignment. As Alex learns the ways of flirting from the insanely sarcastic and sexy Cupid, or Coop as he prefers, the Fates plan to recreate Coop’s history with his dead ex. Unfortunately for Alex, if history repeats itself, she’ll be the one fated to die.

Anonymous said...

Kip Wilson
YA Historical Fiction
60,000 words

Despite World War I, sixteen-year-old Wera hopes to become a famous ballerina on the Munich Opera House stage. When she falls in love with a soldier about to go to the front, she's ready to trade in her dreams of immortal fame for love. Instead, a fatal illness strikes Wera, and she must find a way to transcend her circumstances and achieve what she wants in a way she never expected--as the poet Rilke's muse.

Nikki said...

Nikki Urang
nmrunyan (at) gmail (dot) com
Ya Urban Fantasy

Telekinetic Emma and her cousins are the keepers of a powerful energy that gives each of them an ability to protect themselves against the Fallen, who will stop at nothing to take the girls’ energy and use it to exert their power over the human race, creating human slaves. Emma’s loyalty to her family is shattered when she discovers she’s part Fallen and she’s forced to make a choice between the family she no longer trusts and the father she thought was dead, but her decision becomes even more complicated when her best friend reveals that he’s also a part of the Fallen and has been ordered to look after her since they were little. She learns fast that she must follow her instincts if she is going to survive, but she isn’t prepared for her instincts to push her toward the Fallen, the father she never knew, and the boy she’s always loved.

J. S. Peine said...

J. S. Peine
The Woodland Rift
YA Science Fiction
Complete at 71,698 words

As the woodland landscape shimmered and transformed around her, 13-year old Georgiana Ryan stood in awe of the suspected source of the glittering distortion, a descending flock of lime-green green birds swooping and skittering across the forest floor. Through a summer of adventure, young Georgie begins to understand her connection to the mysterious birds and her own ancient birthright to a powerful people struggling to maintain balance within a war in which control of humanities’ timelines is the ultimate prize. Traveling with her teenage grandmother, Georgie searches for the secret of her father’s disappearance and discovers that, within this new world, blood ties are incredibly strong but also strangely sinister.

Rachael said...

Rachael Kirkendall
Where There's Smoke
Young Adult romance
62,000 words

Despite her dad’s constant urging to pick a college, Kaye is determined to stay on his ranch and help him rehabilitate horses. When Skylar is sent to stay with them for the summer, she hates him for causing ripples in her isolated world. Hate soon turns to friendship, however, as Skylar not only shows her a way to get through to a difficult abused horse, but makes Kaye question if there might be something more to life than her ranch.

S.A. Turnbull said...

Sarah Turnbull
saturnbull at gmail dot com

AND WE ARE ALL DAMNED, YA dark fantasy
82,400 words

Orphans Haeden and Veanne are fifteen-years-old when their adoptive father, the sole doctor of an isolated island, mysteriously dies, leaving them without knowledge of their parentage and defenseless against rumor of a spreading illness threatening to divide the decaying Victorian society.

The unexpected return of the doctor’s biological son, vanished from the island for over a decade, presents a double-edged sword equally sharp as the one buckled at his waist for even as he offers protection, and romances Veanne, he harbors devastating secrets.

Combating plague, pirates, and moral corruption, Haeden and Veanne must unearth both the truth behind the sickness and their birth in order to survive the systematic destruction of the only home they have ever known.

KimberlyFDR said...

Kimberly Lynn Workman (
84,000 words

When God goes AWOL, righteous demon Liam and his angelic lover Mikael are used as pawns in the battle for the Heavenly throne. After an archangel with a personal vendetta against Liam recruits Mikael to serve at his side, both demon and angel fear their relationship will soon be exposed. And as Mikael struggles to decide how far he can go to protect his lover while serving Heaven, Liam must save him from having to make the choice, even if it means his own death.

Unknown said...

H.L. Pauff
A Thorn in My Side
MG Sci-Fi
105,000 words

Uninspiring substitute teacher, failed self-published e-book author and all around rotten human being Jim Thorn is let go from his job and comes home to find his apartment vandalized and mysterious symbols carved on his bathroom door.

Run by a wealthy eccentric who has dedicated his life to solving the universe’s strangest mysteries, The McLannon Group struggles for decades to solve an ancient formula until they discover the answer in a carved up bathroom door touted as “original art” by “famed author” Jim Thorn in an eBay auction.

High on the promise of a cash reward and seeing the potential to get into the pants of a failed FBI agent, Jim Thorn joins the McLannon Group on an adventure across dimensions and through time to topple a tyrant and save two different worlds.

Leslie said...

Leslie Hauser
Women's Fiction
96,000 words

Samantha Cooper has failed—in her career, in her social life, and now in love. She’s fallen in love with the wrong man, and now she must decide whether to risk all she has to fulfill a hopeful sixth-grade dream or to carry on dutifully as the passive good girl of her adult nightmare. One path will change her life, her career, and her friendships in ways she never could have imagined.

LynnRush said...

Name: Lynn Rush
Email: LynnRush (at) lynnrush (dot) com
Title: Jaded Rage
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 80,000

Three-Line Pitch:
A lightning strike to the chest leaves seventeen-year-old Jade Roth prone to uncontrolled rage, unimaginable strength, and prophetic dreams. While searching for answers to what she’s become, she discovers a harmless childhood blood-brother exchange has thrust her one true love into the volatile world of angels and demons. To protect him, she must embrace the creature the lightning has created, but when it comes to angels and demons, she’s not quite sure which side she’s on yet. . .

Christina said...

Christina Ferko
YA Sci-fi
81,000 words

When a disease turns Tori’s crewmates violent, she’ll do anything to keep her family safe. Leaving Earth was supposed to give them a future--not a death sentence. Or so they were told.

ilima said...

Ilima Todd
ilimatodd AT gmail DOT com
futuristic YA
67,000 words

In a time when people choose their genders, sixteen-year-old Nine can't wait to ditch her weak girl body for a braver male one. But when her shuttle crashes on the way to the Remake facility, Nine learns girls can kick ass too as she fights to survive and return to a life she isn't sure she wants anymore.

ilima said...

Ilima Todd
ilimatodd AT gmail DOT com
YA fantasy
54,000 words

Chief Mamo is tempted to abandon his island's caste system to be with the carefree girl he loves. But when a power hungry foreigner threatens the livelihood of his people, Mamo must decide between duty and love.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Name: Margay Leah Justice
Email: Margay1122ATgmailDOTcom
Title: If You Can See Me
Genre: Contemporary Romance with strong paranormal elements
Word Count: 131,000


Two families bound by a curse with one last chance to break it, but how can Nate Bentley believe the words of a woman whose family is known for performing parlor tricks for money? A gifted psychic, Phaedra Delaney knows it is up to her to break the curse. All she has to do is get Nate to fall in love with her - simple, right?

John Abramowitz said...

John Abramowitz
Atticus for the Undead
Urban-fantasy thriller
53,290 words

In the criminal justice system, zombies, vampires, and other arcane beings are represented by a new kind of lawyer. They're called arcane defense lawyers. These are their stories.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Name: Margay Leah Justice
Email: Margay1122ATgmailDOTcom
Title: A Demon's Redemption
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Word Count:

Pitch: 87,879

Lorelei is a college student who has a talent for sniffing out demons and sending them back to hell, but once a year, she's charged with the task of helping one of the fallen earn their way back into heaven by atoning for their sins. And so far, everything is working out for her - until she meets Az, son of Azazel. Does the demon fall far from the seed?

Christine said...

Christine Canada

The Lies That Bind

Contemporary YA

64,000 words

Blackmail isn't the best way to start a relationship,
but sixteen-year-old honor student Haley Patterson
is willing to give it a shot if it will save her reputation
and land the guy of her dreams.

John Lucas Hargis said...
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John Lucas Hargis said...

John "Lucas" Hargis
YA Sci-Fi
80k words

When the squirming begins in the gut of sixteen-year-old clone Katia, she instantly knows she is infected with the dreaded parasite. On the run from the militant Surgeons and assassin Candystripers, she learns that the infection—which attacks regardless of gender or age—is actually a spontaneous eruption of what was once called “pregnancy”. Katia joins a group of other infected rebels who have not only the plan, but also the means, to overthrow the controlling Common Good regime and save their little Freeborns from extinction.

Nikki said...

Nikki Urang
nmrunyan (at) gmail (dot) com
YA Dark Contemporary
51,000 words

After the deaths of her sister and dad, sixteen year old Dylan is haunted by memories and has no desire to feel any emotion. Now she injects heroin and cuts to keep the memories away, dates the boy she doesn’t love so she can stay numb, and sleeps with her dealer to pay for her drugs despite the emotions he stirs in her. But when Dylan hallucinates her dead sister during a bad trip and her baby sister winds up on life support as a result of her negligence, her addiction spirals further out of control and she has to make a choice: continue living life as an empty shell or embrace the emotions she’s fought so hard to suppress.

Sarah JF said...

Sarah Fiete
YA Science Fiction
88,000 words

By the time Leroy turns fourteen, he has two trespassing charges under his belt and a dresser drawer full of unanswered questions. The people closest to him have a habit of disappearing, which he figures is a not-so-subtle hint to stop sticking his nose in the mysterious matters of his town. But when a motley group of travelers show up on the doorstep of his farmhouse and claim they have the answers he wants, he has to decide whether he’ll stay safely at home or journey with them and risk hurting what little is left of his family.

Unknown said...

Rene Mullen
The Unpeople
Darker Contemporary Fiction
70,000 words

With a background in Sign Language, Dr. Helen Collins becomes the voice for those no longer able to speak for themselves. However, when authorities conclude Collins is among the infected undead, she is hunted down while she fights for the simple right to exist. Collins searches for humanity in a world rejecting hers.

The Duchess said...
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The Duchess said...
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The Duchess said...

Ashley Bazer
92,115 words

Newly-wedded Chase Leighton is a captain in the ranks of the Ghosts, a small band of people working toward freedom from the iron-handed Progressive Legacy, the ruling faction of the Circeae System. When his wife Trista goes missing, Chase and his men follow a trail that leads to imprisonment onboard a space facility for the criminally insane. Several months of intensive, brutal therapy trigger Chase to revolt against the doctors and take control of the ship, leading him to encounter a very different Trista – who now calls herself Krissa.

The Duchess said...

Ashley Bazer
88,901 words

Britt Lockhart is an ill-reputed scoundrel; Cole and Laney Rose are wards of the Progressive Legacy. Frightening events cause their worlds to collide and lifelong friendships are formed. Together, they infiltrate the highest echelons of the Legacy, hurting the organization from deep within, but when a mission goes wrong and leaves Laney with a life-altering complication, Britt is forced to rethink their options.

Emily said...

Emily Cushing
MG Mystery
41,500 words

Twelve-year-old Maggie McCoy wants to be brave, but she’s not. Now she and her fearless cousin Jake have stumbled upon century-old clues leading to gold coins hidden by Butch Cassidy—farm boy turned infamous bank robber of the Wild West. The clock is ticking as the young sleuths, along with their quirky Grandpa Jim, race across Utah in a beat-up motor home to outsmart a dangerous thief and save a ranch for troubled youth from closing its doors forever.

Anonymous said...

Name:Chessny Silth
Genre:YA fantasy
Word Count:81,000

The Pitch:
Cayla, an inmate at a mental institution, suddenly finds herself in the fantasy world she claimed she belonged to. Four Elemental Lords make up the foundation of this dimension, called the in-between, and under the cover of a massive killing spree - they are stolen. Cayla is told she is their last and only hope, as she is a Finder, and together with her sworn protector; they set out into the unknown world to track them, before it’s too late.

Beth said...

Name: Bethany Smith
Email: bethsmith (AT) live (DOT) com (DOT) au
Genre: YA ghost story
Word count: 89,000

When Reuben Hall was eleven he killed a girl, and he’s been haunted ever since. Now eighteen, Reuben is tired of being a surrogate father to the little ghost girl, and he has one last plan to make her rest in peace. But when his sister, Imogen, is targeted by a vengeful spirit, Reuben realizes his ghost may be the only thing standing between Imogen and eternal sleep.

Sophia Chang said...

Sophia Chang
sophiathewriter at gmail dot com
YA Multicultural Fantasy
82,000 words

17-year-old Serebat is her family's shame: caught with her sister’s husband. But she wasn't having an affair - much worse. Serebat is a Yesterseer who can see memories, including the truth about the Conqueror that rules her land.

Eden Dalia said...

Lisa Medaglia (pseudonym: Eden Dalia)
Contemporary Fiction with romantic elements
75, 000 words

The rules of exclusivity obscure when Lilly and her bisexual roommate Robbie venture into a relationship where both seek relief from past tragedies. Drawn to the surreal euphoria of the mid-nineties rave scene, drugs prove a deficient remedy until a night of the usual debauchery turns deadly for Robbie’s sister Jen and forces him to reveal their family’s horrible secret. Robbie worshipper Brandon supports the grieving couple and after their threesome convinces Lilly it is possible to love more than one person, problem is they both love Robbie more which wreaks havoc on the chemistry that fuels their defective lives.

Unknown said...

Tamalyn E Scott
Historical Romance/Post Apocalyptic

Five hundred years after 'The Great War of 2021', the world entered a new beginning with a new government and military, including a special number of men, whose identity is unknown and protected, took an oath to give their lives to guard secrets from the past enforcing the instant judgment of death upon anyone trying to gain any of the information used to nearly annihilate the world's population.
From 'chasing chickens' in the dusty dry Territory of Texas, to a beautiful plush city of the north, through Gracey's eyes, you will see that Gracey's life would never be the same after receiving an invitation to visit her lifelong friend Emily, whom five years earlier, had been whisked away after she married Vincent Stanford.
Upon arriving in the big city of Wellington, Gracey's world changes from the very moment she enters the Grand Hotel 'bumping' into the very large and handsome Ethan Manning towering over her and gazing down at her with the strangest eyes she had ever seen, who's smile instantly made her thoughts scatter…as yours will when you experience along with Gracey, the journey of feeling all she feels and find out that what you see, isn't always what you think you see and that fairytales of Lords and Knights are only a legend…or are they?

Unknown said...

Tamalyn E Scott
Historical Romance/Post Apocalyptic

Five hundred years after 'The Great War of 2021', the world entered a new beginning with a new government and military, including a special number of men, whose identity is unknown and protected, took an oath to give their lives to guard secrets from the past enforcing the instant judgment of death upon anyone trying to gain any of the information used to nearly annihilate the world's population.
From 'chasing chickens' in the dusty dry Territory of Texas, to a beautiful plush city of the north, through Gracey's eyes, you will see that Gracey's life would never be the same after receiving an invitation to visit her lifelong friend Emily, whom five years earlier, had been whisked away after she married Vincent Stanford.
Upon arriving in the big city of Wellington, Gracey's world changes from the very moment she enters the Grand Hotel 'bumping' into the very large and handsome Ethan Manning towering over her and gazing down at her with the strangest eyes she had ever seen, who's smile instantly made her thoughts scatter…as yours will when you experience along with Gracey, the journey of feeling all she feels and find out that what you see, isn't always what you think you see and that fairytales of Lords and Knights are only a legend…or are they?

Carrie-Anne said...
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Carrie-Anne said...

Pen name: Carrie-Anne Brownian
E-mail: CarrieAnne79 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Title: The Very First
Genre: Lower YA historical fiction/literary fiction
Word count: 60,000

Pitch: When Katherine Brandt, newly nicknamed Sparky, comes to America in 1938, her dearest wish is to become a real American girl, a goal she hopes to achieve under the mentoring of her new best friend Cinnimin Filliard. Sparky will do almost anything, as she navigates her way through American life, to become a real American girl and stop giving herself away as a greenhorn—except compromise her Jewish faith. And as much as Cinni tries to tempt Sparky into doing things like wearing shorter skirts and not being so strict about kosher, Cinni comes to learn that there's more than one right way to be a real American.

Carrie-Anne said...

Pen name: Carrie-Anne Brownian
E-mail: CarrieAnne79 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Title: And Jakob Flew the Fiend Away
Genre: Upper YA historical fiction/Bildungsroman
Word count: 120,000

Pitch: Jakob DeJonghe plots revenge and puts an iron wall around his heart when the Nazis coerce his father into suicide and his little sister mysteriously disappears. In spite of suffering a serious injury when he escapes from a death train, he remains determined to join the Dutch Resistance, find his father’s murderers, and free his homeland. But Jakob never expects to meet Rachel Roggenfelder, who slowly melts the wall around his heart and makes him re-examine his ideas about what the best revenge really is.

Stephen Spain said...

Stephen Spain,
The Gray Line
Thriller/Dark Contemporary
118,000 words

Trent Argent is in way over his head, and he is dragging Gayle Forris into the deep water with him. An Afghan nomad seeking the Islamic Messiah is plotting the destruction of Boston and has forged an alliance with members of a white supremacist group and a CIA official who believes that the biblical Rapture is imminent. Trent and Gayle must contend with allies who are as treacherous as their enemies as they race from a warlord’s prison in Kandahar to the streets around Fenway Park in an improbable quest to disrupt the Armageddon dreams of the nomad and the spymaster.

Ink in the Book said...

Name: Talynn Lynn
Title: Only One Time
Genre: Ya Paranormal Suspense
Word Count: 55,000

River Morgan’s petite, pink-haired and not quite twenty, but she has already mastered the art of how to erase a memory from those who are haunted by their past.

Every Taker in the town of Ravyn craves this unexplored and little-known power, but River is dead set on protecting it.

When River suddenly begins to loose her identity, she must risk connecting with the underground, playing fire with an ancient relic using her against her will and a lover who thinks she might be better off dead.

Suzan Teall Headley said...

Name: Suzan Headley
Title: Waiting For Someday
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Word count: 90K

Thirty-eight-year-old Valene Del Monaco is determined never to revisit her troubled past, but everything changes when she receives a cryptic invitation from her former best friend, Allyson.

Uncertain of Allyson’s motives after a 22-year estrangement, Valene returns to California in hopes of rekindling their friendship only to discover that Allyson is dying.

WAITING FOR SOMEDAY intertwines the stories of two women whose friendship comes full circle, and even with the darkest cloud looming, Allyson hopes to prove to Valene that silver linings really do exist.

DiDi said...

DiDi Hendley
contactdidi - gmailcom
Whirlwind Love
Upmarket Women’s Fiction

Libby's dream of photographing hot air balloons launched over the Grand Canyon is well on its way to becoming a reality, when an impulsive detour to a TBK concert threatens her plans. Just two years after Joe and Chuck King, The Brothers King, achieve a pinnacle of music success, Joe’s world crashes around him as bad management runs his band into the ground. An impulsive encounter ripples into a whirlwind love affair that ends in a tempest for Libby, Joe and Chuck.

Mel Riggins said...

M.L. Riggins
Science Fiction
92,000 words

Ever since her days in pigtails and pink tennis shoes, Runner has been in love with the blue-eyed guy walking her dreams at night—her signal mate—but awake, she never finds him.

When the labs learn how to hunt down the signal mates during the privatized intelligence lab boom, having an astoundingly wired brain with synchronous abilities makes her a wanted specimen, so Runner does what she does best—she runs.

With a bullet in her shoulder, blood spilling down her sides, she wakes up in the arms of a police detective, one with familiar blue eyes, and a descent as otherworldly as her own.

Heather Hawke said...

Heather Hawke
hawke AT sonic DOT net
YA fantasy w/ SF elements
105,000 words

Raven and her two sisters are born to a life of privilege, but when a corrupt king finds out her family harbors a forbidden autistic son, he strips them of power and tries to force the sisters to secretly bear his heirs. Raven manages to escape with her brother, joins the rebels and learns to pilot a glider to spy out her enemy’s plans. Only when she is shot down and eludes the king’s clutches once again does Raven discover how to stage a coup in the heart of the king’s temple, but to succeed she must sacrifice the one person she vowed to protect.

Ink in the Book said...

Name: Talynn Lynn
Title: The Right of Redemption
Genre: Historical Fiction
Word Count: 80,000

He killed her husband right in front of her eyes, but somehow Alura still fell in love with him.

Terious knows he will pay a steep price for rescuing Alura and sparing her life, yet he can't resist the desire to be near her touch.

Now, he must save her from the brothel ship before she is gone forever.

Barbara Josselsohn said...

Barbara Josselsohn
45,000 words

With her parents splitting up, her father moving away, and her best friends heading off to camp, Cara
is facing the worst summer ever. The only bright spot in her miserable life is her 92-year-old great-aunt Cookie, a former movie star who left home when she just sixteen to follow her dreams. Cara loves hearing Cookie's stories about running away to Hollywood and becoming Fred Astaire's first dancing partner -- but when Cookie falls ill, Cara quickly realizes that it's her turn to comb the past for answers.

Brinda said...

Brinda Berry
Brinda [at]brindaberry [dot]com
Title: Lucky
Line: Teen/New Adult
Word Count: approx. 55,000 words

When Abby survives 9/11 as a child, she doesn't realize that she's been given a gift that allows her to sacrifice her own life to prevent death for those around her. Newly hired bodyguard Ace joins Abby in uncovering a prophesy and finds himself with the almost impossible task of keeping Abby alive. Mysterious nested boxes imprinted with a code lead to events that prove Abby's safety will only get people killed.

Margo Rowder said...

Margo Rowder


Futuristic YA Thriller
70,000 words

According to the Whisper Rules, the candle on Ava’s fifteenth birthday cake should decide whether she’s a Whisperer or a Leader – but she won’t let some fairytale tradition control her future. Even though the Rules have kept the world peaceful and low-tech since the Great Scream killed half the world, Ava decides to choose her own fate. But when her mother’s high-powered politico boss plans to punish the meek in unspeakable new ways, she realizes her true Leadership and takes a stand in front of thousands – perhaps even the world.