Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Book Feature: Forsaken Souls by Stephany Wallace and Colliding Souls by LM Preston #runesuniverse

Today I'm introducing you to two more books that will be released during the Runes Universe launch on April 18th: Forsaken Souls by Stephany Wallace and Colliding Souls by L.M. Preston. Check them out!

Forsaken Souls
by Stephany Wallace

Untold "I'm sorry's," overdue "I love you's," and ignored forgiveness are the unspoken stories of the ICU. Emma Adams has lost hope... the very thing that fed her spirit, and inspired her to become a nurse. Although she tries her best to be positive, it has been hard to remain unscathed when all that surrounds her is death. With a powerful desire to help others driving her, she locks her heart and puts a smile on her face every day, relying on her playful nature to assist the patients who need her. Then, there are the few thrilling moments when she gets a glimpse of the supernatural world, and senses the souls that roam the ICU.

Until one day, a soul changes her life forever. Just as the darkness threatens to drown her, Emma will find light in the most unexpected place... next to the missing piece of her heart. When the unthinkable happens, will she find the courage to risk everything for love? Would you?

Colliding Souls
by LM Preston

Argia was strange, and she admitted it. It didn’t mean she couldn’t love, or hope to enjoy the small moments in her life that collided with the most handsome athlete on the high school football team. She desired to be normal, and accepted that it would never be. Argia faked it pretty good, or pretended to. Until the day Micah uncovered her secrets and saved her soul. Argia just had to lose everything she cared about to see the strength he’d uncovered within her.

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