Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Book Feature: Frozen Souls by Ali Cross #RunesUniverse

Today I'm featuring another Runes Universe book releasing with the Kindle World launch. This one is FROZEN SOULS by Ali Cross.

He’s a Valkyrie, she’s a Grimnir. Their love is frozen in time.

Sai Luk is more comfortable with the dead than the living. For 1800 years, he’s been shepherding souls to Valhalla and keeping company with ghosts; careful not to let anyone breach the walls around his heart.

As a sixteen-year-old slave girl, Elpi Moros found her soul mate among Genghis Khan’s vast army. For the briefest moment, they knew happiness. But when Sai is killed on the battlefield, she drives a knife into her heart, unable to face a lifetime without him. She’s been escorting souls to the underworld ever since, enduring an eternity with a broken heart.

Destiny drove them apart, but when they are both given missions in Kayville, Oregon, their love draws them together. With competing assignments and dueling destinies, will Sai and Elpi choose to honor their masters, or the love that claimed their hearts, long, long ago?

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