Sunday, 4 March 2012

Author Update: Margaret Callow

Back in January, I interviewed author Margaret Callow. I'm pleased to announce that Margaret's novel, A REBELLIOUS OAK, is releasing next week. Running Hare Press has the book up on their site for pre-order.

"Thom and Martha Barwick find their land, which their family had farmed for generations,  was being fenced in by local landowner Flowerdew, Thom attends a meeting of local peasants, and decide to ask Robert kett to lead them on a peaceful march to Norwich to present their case to the Mayor and Aldermen.

So was set in train a series of events culminating in 15000 protesters laying siege to Norwich and the vengeance of the landed, is swift and dreadful."

Congrats, Margaret, on your book release and launch. We wish you lots of success!


Gina said...

Way to go! ^_^

Lorraine said...

Delighted. My favourite author. Many congratulations Margaret. So proud of you and now my prediction comes true of when I first saw your face and saw you as a best seller. Raising my glass to you and huge future sales. Lorraine xxxxxxxx

Margaret said...

Dear Lorraine, what you must realise is you have always been so supportive and that has given me so much confidence. Thank you for always being there for me.
Margaret xxxx