Monday, 17 June 2013

Book Feature: Dying to Return by Trish Marie Dawson

There are so many books on my to-read list. So it's both frustrating and exciting to find something else to put on the list. For example, today's feature. Today we're featuring DYING TO RETURN, the third installment in The Station Series by Trish Marie Dawson.

Dying to Return is the 3rd book in the Young/New Adult Fantasy, The Station Series. Piper Willow’s adventure in the afterlife continues as she struggles to discover who she is and what is expected of her. Faced with decisions that could change everything, she must weigh her desire to be with the ones she has come to love, or satisfy her curiosity and find out what lies beyond her world with someone new. What Piper experiences and the choices she makes could not only alter the delicate inner workings of the Station, but the delicate balance that Piper has managed to maintain inside herself. In the end, will it all be worth it?


I must be dying…am I dying?

Piper Willow, you have already died.

Stop. Please stop with the Piper Willow stuff. Just call me Piper. Where are we, why can't I see?

Open your eyes…Piper.

I do as I'm told, feeling my eyelashes lift off my cheeks as I hesitantly squint at my surroundings. There is nothing to see.

Where are we? Why is it so dark?

Something soft and warm slowly wraps around my hands and at the same time, I feel a tug forward…into the complete darkness that envelops me. I flex my fingers…opening and closing them against the soft, yet stable presence that has enclosed around them. I realize it is Rush's hand that I'm feeling.

Is that you?

Of course, who else would be here with you at this moment?

When I was little, I used to swim a lot in my grandmother's pool. She would sit on her plastic lawn chair with the tattered seat straps, underneath the over-sized brim of her cracked straw hat and sip from a large glass of her favorite-boxed wine, watching me with a smile. I loved her pool. There was nothing special about it, but it was large, round, and perfect for floating in. That sensation of being weightless but still feeling your limbs was exactly what I felt like now. But I am dry, and not floating in water.

Will you tell me where we are?

Come with me…you'll see soon.

After another tug, I drift effortlessly behind Rush and eventually the blackness begins to turn grey. As the grey becomes spotted with different colors I clamp down onto Rush's relaxed grip.

Do not be afraid.

I don't know what's happening.

We are arriving. Keep your eyes open, Piper. This is my favorite part.

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