Wednesday 11 January 2012

Author Update: Laura Schultz

One of my favorite subjects to post about is an update on a previously interviewed author. Today we welcome back Laura Schultz, who has taken a few more steps forward on her publishing journey.

Welcome back, Laura. Tell us about your new book and what the journey was like to get this (your first) book published?

Dorothy, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we first spoke in this venue. During this time, I have always read your interviews because they are always fascinating and I learn something each time I read one from another author.

When we last spoke I had just signed with a publisher in New York for my first book “Arise and Shine: Laments from the Darkness, Songs of the Light.” It is a debut collection of verse that reflects a transformational journey of love, loss, personal struggles to triumph. It is reflective of my philosophy about life and writing from the soul to help others. Unfortunately that original publisher did not follow through on the contract and I was completely devastated. I could definitely relate to the disappointments other author friends had endured before me.

Many folks discouraged me by saying it was extremely difficult to find a publisher willing to look at a poetry collection. So, for awhile I languished within my heart about how or if to proceed and went on to write other things. Then miraculously, a woman whose talent I had admired from afar perused my work and after some discussion, I signed with her publisher Silver Bow Publishing in Canada. I will always be grateful to Candice James, Poet Laureate for supporting and recognizing my work and taking the time to launch my book both in paperback and in e-book format. What makes the collection so unique is that there are color photographs and professional artwork throughout the book. The paintings were done by my mother who was an accomplished painter/sculptor. The book is a tribute to her but unfortunately she passed away a few months prior to publication but I know she would have been very proud to have her work juxtaposed with mine.

Immediately endorsements and rave reviews came in and I was deeply moved by them. My favorite was from Beth Hoffman who stated:

“In her generous and heartfelt collection of poems, Laura Schultz urges us to look up, to dive deep, and to venture within so that we might embrace the joys, pain, and wonderment of all that we are, have been, and hope to become.”—Beth Hoffman, New York Times bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

Arise and Shine, Laments from the Darkness, Songs of the Light can be ordered from the publisher, Amazon or for the e-book. Here are the links.

Amazon  -  Alibris  -  Lulu

E-Book $6.99

I understand you had your first book signing. What was that like?

Dorothy, I can’t tell you how excited I was to go to my first book signing. It was in Palm Springs at a wonderful book and gift boutique called Crystal Fantasy. Everyone was warm and helpful and it truly was a dream I had only imagined in my wildest dreams! During that same month I did several more in the Los Angeles area. These events are an experience of a lifetime for a first time author like me and I reveled in the attention toward my “new baby”—the first of many books I plan to write:)

What are you working on next?

I recently was a contributor to the new release “The Casey Anthony Murder Trial” by Claudette Walker. Claudette wrote a fantastic real-time book about the controversial trial and she asked me to write the postscript which was a psychological profile about the suspect. Since I am also a psychotherapist with a passion for all things forensic or true crime, this was a big thrill for me. I’ve written many book reviews for the New York Journal of Books in this genre and just adore doing so.

I was recently the only U.S. Poet to be asked to contribute to an international anthology of poetry called “Sudden Thunder”. Poetry has always been a passion but I’ve written in so many genres that I wasn’t quite sure what was going to be next.

There are 2 definite possibilities for the near future. One is a memoir that includes growing up in a California border town within a political family during the tumultuous 60’s. Parts of it have already been published in essay form by Coal House Review and folks seem to love it. Secondly, I’ve written a great deal about serial killers with several lengthy articles in both Crime Magazine and Crime Spree Magazine. My favorite one was entitled “Strychnine and Stilettos” which is about female serial killers. I think people are cheering for the book on this dicey topic. Perhaps your readers could place their vote on which one appeals to them:)

Laura, it's always a pleasure talking with you. Good luck with all your writing, and be sure to let us know when you have more news to share.

Thanks so much, Dorothy, for allowing me the honor of speaking with you again and I really appreciate all the work you do bringing talented writers to the fore.


AuthorClaudetteWalker said...

Dorothy, Another wonderful interview and of course your guest is close to my heart. Laura Schultz has shown us in Arise and Shine: Laments from The Darkness - Songs Of The Light, the beauty of poetic verse, combined with the radiance of art. Working with her on the post script to The Casey Anthony Murder Trial was a combination of thought proving and work ethic that fit this tightly scheduled project, in order to preserve history. What will she give us next?

Lisette Brodey said...

WONDERFUL interview, Dorothy. Laura, you are one of my very favorite people and I admire you in so many ways; too many to count right here. :)

I'm savoring ARISE & SHINE. It is a truly beautiful book that I think everyone can relate to — simply a treasure — just like its author.