Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cover Reveal: Death Becomes Me by Elizabeth Holloway

You guys! I am so excited to finally be able to share the cover of Death Becomes Me with you. Death Becomes Me is the second book in my Call Me Grim series, which is set to release November 3rd. Let me just tell you, this cover is gorgeous and I LOVE it so much. But first, here's a bit about the book:

Libbi and Aaron are Grim Reapers on the run. They may have escaped their hometown of Carroll Falls unscathed, and are together and alive (well, more or less), but they’ll soon find there’s a price to pay. A deadly one.

By escaping Carroll Falls, Libbi and Aaron have broken the Reaper’s covenant with Abaddon, aka Death himself – and now they’re right at the top of Abaddon’s Most Wanted list. There’s nowhere to hide, and not a single person, alive or dead, they can turn to for help.

But just as it's looking like the end of the line, Libbi hears word of a Reaper in hiding – a Reaper who once escaped Abaddon's wrath. Finding this mysterious Reaper might be the perfect solution… if Death doesn’t find them first.

And now... Without further ado... The Cover!

Isn't it pretty?

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Dorothy Dreyer said...

It's so awesome! Love the image of the scull mixed in with her face. Super spooky and gorgeous at the same time!

Leandra Wallace said...

Wow, it looks great! Congrats!

Elizabeth Holloway said...

Thanks! :-D