Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pitch Contest Winners!

Yes, that's right! Winners with an 's' at the end! Here's the message Tricia sent me:

The winners! I would like to see the first 50 pages of each and have them email me with a full query in the email and the first 50 pages as a .doc attachment.

Thank you to all who participated. Great pitching. I am so impressed!

Tricia L.

1. Sarah G Marsh
AthenaDreaming [at] gmail [dot] com
YA Southern Gothic
60,000 Words

Dare Cleaster doesn’t believe in ghosts any more than she believes in the Tooth Fairy. But on a sweaty summer night, the seventeen-year-old unintentionally wakes a sinister spirit that’s been dormant in the crumbling Waters residence for years, and it refuses to be ignored. Now Dare must figure out how to lay the ghost of Atheleen Waters to rest before she can add to the body count she began over a hundred and fifty years ago.

2. Jennifer Moore
18,000 words

An imported stash of nappy pins and surplus baked beans might seem harmless enough, but in the wrong hands and the wrong millennium they can do a surprising amount of damage. With only a photo-booth time machine, a handful of Roman coins and a pocket history guide at their disposal, 10-year old Oliver Sparrow and the bungling Agent Wolf are sent back to Roman Britain to stop the world’s premier evil genius changing the course of British history forever. What starts as a normal school day soon becomes a whirlwind of exciting captures and desperate escapes, of underwear calamities, disgusting Roman food and a very close encounter with a hungry lion.

3. Joan He
joanart6 (at) gmail (dot) com
YA light scifi: INGENICIDE

In the year 2089, education has been reinvented; prodigies run rampant in every imaginable work field. Before the Normals started the "Genocide", a violent movement designed to topple the meritocracy, 16 year old Sibyl Kenschild only wanted to be a Space Manipulator and to design rooms that evoked the deepest stirrings of human emotion. But when the the bullets go off at the post-graduation dance, she realizes that it'll take not a Space Manipulator, nor a prodigy, but a traitor to survive.

Woohoo, congrats to the winners! And great pitching, everyone!

Winners, please email me at dorothyanndreyer [at] gmail [dot] com for details on how to send your materials to Tricia. And for everyone else, get those manuscripts polished, because our next pitch contest takes place in July!


Donea Lee said...

Congrats to the winners!! Wow - these all sound like great stories. Hope Tricia loves them! :) And thanks to Dorothy, Elizabeth and Tricia for hosting!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this great contest! And I'm so proud of my critique partner, Joan He!!!