Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Three Two One Pitch Contest Official Entry Post

This contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered. We will announce the winner as soon as our judging editor has made her decision.

So you think you can pitch? Well, it's time! The Three-Two-One pitch contest takes place today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday), November 20th and 21st. Are you ready? Great!

But before you begin posting, take one last look at the rules and regulations:

The Three-Two-One pitch contest goes like this:

THREE - Pitch your story in only three sentences.

TWO - Two days to enter: November 20th and 21st.

ONE - One awesome editor—Courtney Koschel of Month9Books—will judge and pick a winner.

This contest is open to completed and polished manuscripts in the genres of speculative YA and MG.

To be eligible, you must:
  • Follow this blog - go ahead and click "Join this Site" or the Bloglovin' button on the right if you haven't already
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To enter, leave a comment in the comments section in the following format:
  • Name and Email
  • Title of Manuscript
  • Genre
  • Wordcount
  • Three-sentence Pitch
Remember, no run-on sentences! Each person is allowed two entries. I will turn off comments on Thursday night at midnight.

Good luck, everyone! Can't wait to read your pitches! Ready, set, go!
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Unknown said...

Darcy Miller -


YA Magical Realism


As far as sixteenth birthdays go, Imogene Kelly's kind of . . . sucks. In fact, between the misspelled cake, the "heirloom" (translation: ugly) ring she receives from her Irish Traveller father, and her house burning to the ground, she's pretty sure things can't get worse. And then the visions start . . .

Anonymous said...

Kelly Lyman-
Genre:YA Fantasy/Paranormal
Word Count: 67,020

Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Bree Anderson never believed in the Scottish myth of the Selkies--at least not until her tears fell into the ocean and a dead body appeared.

Anonymous said...

maren haws

The Broken Forest


Hadrian loved the woods and playing out stories of wizards and fairies with his two best friends; this summer it became real, when they encountered a very frustrated fairy in their woods. She was looking for a wizard to open the door home, and Hadrian complied without knowing how. All three joined her into the magic islands of Broken Forest.

Kimmy :) said...

Name: Kimberly Miller
Title: Case In Point
Genre: young adult contemporary
Word Count: 61,000

Pitch: Casey Hayes secretly writes the conspiracy theory column for her high school newspaper. When she reports that a teacher is pregnant by a senior, threats start, demanding she stop printing the column. When her friends suggest she back off for her own safety, Casey must decide if exposing the truth is more important to her than her life.

Kimmy :) said...

Name: Kimberly Miller
Genre: middle grade adventure
Word Count: 31,000

Pitch: While on vacation with her family and two best friends, Nick and Maya, eleven-year-old Trinity discovers stranded aliens with a busted spacecraft. In need of diamonds to power up their UFO, the aliens plan to raid Trinity’s cruise ship and get their three-fingered hands on some jewels. When they grab Nick and demand an exchange of the human for diamonds, Trinity must find a way to comply that doesn’t involve grand theft, jail time, or Nick’s abduction.

Sheritha Singh said...

Name: Sheritha Singh
Email: sher.singhzn@gmail.cim
Title: Healing Tia
Genre: MG
Word Count: 25,000 words

Twelve year old Tia can't believe her Mom quit her posh PR job in Sandton to work at a coffee shop nobody's heard off. Adjusting to life on South Africa's East Coast isn't easy - being the new girl in school is even worse. When a teacher befriends Tia, the last thing Tia expects is to unravel a centuries old feud between light and dark witches and the reason for their move to the coast.

Lisa Gail Green said...

Lisa Gail Green
YA Sci-fi/Thriller

Trapped in an underwater resort with a killer on the loose is not seventeen-year-old Jen's idea of a luxury vacation. Pressure sickness adds to Jen’s troubles when the only cure causes side effects like lowered inhibitions and blackouts, which happen to coincide with the murders. Jen has to find out the truth because either she’s a killer -- or she’s next on the list.

Unknown said...

Josh Mason


MG action/adventure

45,000 words

Duden Carslee is a killing machine, but she doesn't want to be. Made of liquid metal and shining gemstones, the lethal young woman is a stunningly beautiful creature. As she gets older the differences between her and her adopted family become too much to ignore, and she begins a quest to find herself and perhaps to save her home world in the process.

Kim Beck said...

Name: Kim Beck
Genre: YA Thriller
Word Count: 70,000

Lily faces the biggest challenge of her life when she sets out to prove the innocence of convicted killer, Sergio, without the mind reading police catching on. But it turns out Lily has more control over who has access to her thoughts than she realized. Now she needs to be brave enough to turn her secret gift into a weapon to save Sergio and expose the Interpreters for the monsters they've become before the Interpreters kill them both.

Joan He said...

Joan He
joanart6 (at) gmail (dot) com
YA light scifi: INGENICIDE

In the year 2089, education has been reinvented; prodigies run rampant in every imaginable work field. Before the "Genocide," a violent movement designed by Normals to topple the meritocracy, sparked in the US, 16 year old Sibyl Kenschild only wanted to be a Space Manipulator and design rooms that evoked the deepest stirrings of human emotion. But when the the bullets go off at the post-graduation dance, she realizes that it'll take not a Space Manipulator, nor a prodigy, but a traitor to survive.