Friday, 14 September 2012

Introducing the Judging Agent for September's Three Two One Pitch Contest

Are your pitches about ready for our contest next week? Let's hope so, because we've got an awesome judging agent who will be reading all your entries. I'm happy to introduce Rebecca Podos of the Rees Literary Agency!

Rebecca Podos is thrilled to read the work of promising new authors, and to represent talented clients like Rin Chupeco, Rory Douglas, and Ryan Craig Bradford. Her interests include character-driven literary fiction, young adult, narrative nonfiction, some fantasy and science fiction, and in general, writing with a touch of strangeness.

We're thrilled to have Rebecca judge this month's contest.

Once again, the Three-Two-One Pitch contest goes like this:

It all takes place September 21st and 22nd. 

THREE - Pitch your story in only three sentences. 

TWO - Two days to enter: September 21st and 22nd.

ONE - The fabulous Rebecca Podos will judge and pick a winner.

Do not enter your pitch on this post. I will make an official contest entry post on September 21st, and entrants will post their three-sentence pitches (no run on sentences!) in the comments section of that post. At midnight on September 22nd, I will turn off comments and no other entries will be accepted. The winner will get a full manuscript request!

This contest is open to unagented, completed and polished manuscripts in the genres of:

  • YA
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction

To be eligible, you must:

  • Follow this blog - go ahead and click "Join this Site" on the right if you haven't already
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Spread the word! Tweet, Blog, or mention on Facebook about the contest linking back to this post

Not necessary, but in the spirit of paying it forward:

So, don't forget: Three sentences, two days to enter, one agent will judge. Good luck, everyone. Can't wait to read all your pitches. See you back here on the 21st!


Unknown said...

What if we only have 2/3 of a MS ready? *sigh* i already know the answer, just thought I would ask.

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Sorry, Racheal. Has to be finished. But keep writing, I should be holding another contest later this year. That should give you enough time to finish and polish. :)