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The Three Two One Pitch Contest Official Entry Post

This contest is now closed. I will announce the winner as soon as our judging agent makes her decision. Thank you all for your participation!

Are you ready, writers? I hope your manuscripts are polished up and pitches ready to wow our judge. Because pitching day is here! On your mark, get set ... WAIT!

Before you start haphazardly pitching, let's take one last look at the rules:

THREE - Pitch your story in only three sentences. NO RUN ONS!

TWO - You have two days to enter: September 21st and 22nd.

ONE - The fabulous Rebecca Podos of the Rees Literary Agency will judge and pick a winner. The winner will get a full manuscript request!

This contest is open to unagented, completed and polished manuscripts in the genres of:

  • YA
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction

To be eligible, you must:

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  • Spread the word! Tweet, Blog, or mention on Facebook about the contest linking back to this post

Not necessary, but in the spirit of paying it forward:

NOW! Please leave your pitch as a comment in the following format:

  • Your name and email
  • Title of your manuscript
  • Genre of your manuscript
  • Word count
  • Three-sentence pitch (No more than three sentences or you'll be disqualified)

Limit: Two pitches per person. Good luck, everyone! I can't wait to read all your awesome pitches. Ready, set, GO!


Kate Larkindale said...

Name: Kate Larkindale
Email: katelarkindale(at)gmail(dot)com
Title: Chasing the Taillights
Genre: YA Contemporary
Manuscript word count: 87 000

Lucy can’t tell her brother what she knows about the accident that killed their parents, but if she doesn’t confess, she’ll lose her mind. If she does, she’ll lose the only person left who loves her.

Aldrea Alien said...

Name: Aldrea Alien
Email: aldreaalien[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]nz
Title: Dragon
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Word Count: 72,000

With the dragons facing extinction and Maayin as the only female left to avert their fate. Jaimin will help her accept her belief in being human is false. But she has little time to have him accept his feelings for her before the council's plans force Maayin to live a life, and take a dragon mate, that she doesn't want.

Tamara said...

Name: Tamara Felsinger
Email: t[dot]m_bailey[at]
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Word count: 75,000

On an asteroid colony set up in the style of a romanticized Victorian era, Stella is fighting against misogynistic laws that are forcing her to marry at sixteen. But female oppression isn’t her only problem – the asteroid clocks are ticking faster, the temperature regulators are malfunctioning, and a charming guy called Thief arrives with unfathomable intentions and deadly secrets. If Stella can’t figure out what’s happening in time, the entire colony will burn.

Mia K Rose said...

Mia K Rose
YA Urban Fantasy

Sixteen-year-old Talitha's body turns into smoke, and she can't always control it. When shadows attack her, she's roped into a war between fire and shadow. Now that they've targeted her friend, Talitha must harness her powers fast or let the shadows win.

Loralie Hall said...

Name & email: Loralie Hall (
Title: Elysium's Conspiracy
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Word Count: 90,000

Pitch: Event though having a physical body is new experience for Ronnie, she's certain sane people don’t hear voices. Even worse, the voice in her head wants her body for itself, is obsessed with some vague notion of nondescript vengeance, and has adopted a name that means ‘Destroyer’ in Ronnie’s angelic tongue. If she can't figure out why the voice is there soon, and how to get rid of it, she'll spend the rest of eternity in a cell in the back of her head, watching herself destroy Elysium and Earth.

Amanda Foody said...

Name & Email: Amanda Foody (
Genre: YA Fantasy Steampunk
Word Count: 75,000

Pitch: In Spirited Away meets Boardwalk Empire set in a city akin to Victorian London, seventeen-year-old Enne Alfero roams the shadow world looking for her lost mother and fleeing from the city’s politicians who want her dead. Her only ally is Levi Glaisyer, the hot seventeen-year-old street lord and card dealer at a casino royale. When the owner of the casino tricks Enne into swearing an unbreakable vow to work as an assassin, both Enne and Levi must play against the politicians in a deadly game for their lives.

Sage said...

Name: Sage Collins
Email: author(dot)sagecollins(at)gmail(dot)com
Title: Taylor-Made
Genre: YA sci-fi
Word Count: 75,000

Taylor's always been interested in the campaign for equal rights for the BOIS, androids built and programmed to be the perfect boyfriend, then scrapped when the girl loses interest. So he's thrilled to join the BOIS-rights club the girl he loves runs, where he can simultaneously fight for her heart and equality for BOIS.

Then he discovers he's a BOIS, and he was created for her.

Chelle Bruhn said...

Name: Katherine Ernst and Chelle Bruhn
Email: kernswriter[at]gmail[dot]com
Genre: YA Steampunk Fantasy
Word Count:87,000

Like all women in her world, Aveza of Thundersleam Palace is genetically predisposed to take on the characteristics desired by the men around her. Warin, a new scientist’s apprentice has just discovered a disturbing secret about this genetic condition and the work Thundersleam’s lab is doing to ensure men retain control. When tragedy strikes, Aveza and Warin team up to escape the palace, but there’s one problem—once you’re allowed into Thundersleam there’s no way out.

Unknown said...

Kathleen S. Allen
gaelicfairie(at)gmail (dot) com
YA futuristic thriller
60,000 words

Sixteen-year-old Devonny Willcox is a genetically enhanced human, and a member of the privileged class known as the Vidden. Every sixteen-year-old Vidden has to train to be part of the Vidden army, the peacekeeping arm of society. At the base training facility when one of her fellow recruits dies of a high fever, and another disappears, Devonny begins to suspect that the Tagen are plotting a way to get rid of those they deem unworthy.

Rebecca Carvalho said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebecca Carvalho said...

Name: Rebecca Carvalho
Email: rebeccamcc7(at)gmail(dot)com
Title: Curupira
Genre: YA Fantasy (Brazilian folklore retelling)
Manuscript word count: 80,000

When Emma Newberry's best friend runs away, she goes after him. She dives into the adventure of her life in the Atlantic forest to save Eric from the Curupira, Brazil's most dreaded folkloric creature.

Rachel Rossano said...

Name: Rachel Rossano
Title: Duty
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 77K
For the safety of the realm, Tomas, a soldier new to a noble title, weds a stranger. An invasion of the land he is sworn to defend, food shortages, and accusations of blame make the situation worse. Can a marriage of formed in duty survive treason?

Laura Hughes, MittensMorgul said...

Laura Hughes
LauraHughesAuthor (at) gmail(dot) com
Adult Urban Fantasy

Thalia Drake, a member of the U.S. military's elite shapeshifter forces, must stop a serial killer whose ultimate goal is the extinction of all shifters. But stopping him means exposing the dangerous secret she's hidden for thousands of years - her true identity. If the world discovered her true shape was that of a dragon, she might not be allowed to live long enough to stop the killer.

Kate Brauning said...

Kate Brauning
adult fantasy 103,000k

On her twentieth birthday, Ava finds out the god of war has been stalking her. When he kidnaps Ava, she thinks he’ll kill her, but instead he asks her to marry him and help negotiate with humans in his quest to be Earth's only god.If she doesn’t help mediate, every nation who won’t give up their gods could be blood on her hands.

Laurie said...

Laurie Litwin
YA Contemporary (edgy)

Taylor has it all, including an addiction. When she crashes her car, her secret comes out. The truth is, she can’t survive without alcohol, and she’d rather die than give it up.

Brianna Shrum said...

Name: Brianna R. Shrum
Genre: YA Cyberpunk
Word Count: 77,000

In a world where relationships are forbidden, imperfection is destroyed, and Tech is the beating heart of everything, Cyber Hacker Rynn 713 survives by keeping secrets. But when the Seller's District is raided and all those deadly secrets are exposed, Rynn and the Book Seller she illegally loves are faced with a choice: to run, to fight, or to die. Rynn and Ethan must somehow flee a nation that tracks every word they say and every move they make, and fight back with the only weapon Cyber Hackers have: Tech.

Unknown said...
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Spaced Out Gal said...
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Unknown said...

Name: Rebekah Richardson
Title: Invasion
Genre: YA Contemporary
Manuscript word count: 91 007

When the country Isia is invaded by The Motherhood, Marissa is yanked from her life and put in a position of power to rule under the new society's regime. Enjoying a new life of privilege and meeting Rillian, the man she wishes to spend her life with, Marissa is faced with a dilemma when the rebellion contact her. Will she use her power to oppose the Motherhood or will she buy into their beliefs?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Kelly Allan
Fade Into You
YA Contemporary

Sixteen-year-old Kenzie Baker is a drifter whose only constant landscape is the sky. Nineteen-year-old Mags is a mentally unstable Valedictorian who needs a friend as a live-in to help keep her from hurting herself, for the sake of her unborn baby. Kenzie's unexpected and now deep-seeded friendship with Mags challenges the mobile way she likes to live her life.

KimberlyFDR said...

Kimberly Lynn Workman (

Heaven and Hell Alike

Paranormal Fantasy

84,000 words

When God goes AWOL, righteous demon Liam and his angelic lover Mikael are used as pawns in the battle for the Heavenly throne. After an archangel with a personal vendetta against Liam recruits Mikael to serve at his side, both demon and angel fear their relationship will soon be exposed. And as Mikael struggles to decide how far he can go to protect his lover while serving Heaven, Liam must save him from having to make the choice, even if it means his own death.

Spaced Out Gal said...

Name: Amy Mills
Title: StarStruck
Genre: YA sci-fi
Word count: 95k

Pitch: A curious teen stumbles across a spaceship in her backyard, proving her missing father's conspiracy theories about aliens were true. His theories point to a big secret about the origin of life that he kept hidden in a coded journal. June must discover this secret before the aliens use their power to rule Earth – if she can withstand the charms of the most handsome alien Protector in the Galaxy, that is.

Donea Lee said...

Name: Donea Weaver
Email: donealw(at)
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
Work Count: 70K

Pitch: 17-year-old Clara’s summer trip to meet grandma for the first time and to learn about the family secret isn’t quite the exciting escape she’d hoped for. She learns that she’s cursed to the same fate that killed her father, Snow White’s son is somehow involved, Grandma could be a “bad guy”, and her new best friend just might be a son of a witch. A glass prince figurine that can transport her to the past is her first key to breaking the curse.

Robyn Brown said...

Robyn Brown
60,000 words

A high school junior discovers that she and the class bad boy can travel between 11 different dimensions when the clock strikes 11:11. Now she must somehow find her way home--in spite of the holes that keep ripping in the fabric of space every time they kiss.

Valia Lind said...

Valia Lind



YA Thriller


My name is Anastasia and I’ve been on the run since the day they killed my parents. Now six years later, I am coming for them. This time, I am the huntress and they are the hunted.

Unknown said...

Charles D. Shell
Science Fiction/Space Opera
260,000 words

The archaeologist Nichir uncovers a creature called a 'human' preserved by advanced technology, deep underneath an ancient temple. The human captain Julius awakens four thousand years after a genocidal interstellar war. The intelligent warship Nike awaits the return of her captain and lover so that they can re-enter the war that still rages on.

Unknown said...

Charles D. Shell
150,000 words

Corbin is a bastard half-breed whose blood brings forth monsters. He and Blood—his sarcastic dragon companion—somehow end up as ambassadors in a distant nation. The most unlikely diplomats ever may end up being the only ones standing in the way of the death of a continent.

W.R. Miller said...

W.R. Miller
Chapter Book Fantasy
14,480 words

Twelve-year-old Rick Rodecker, seeking adventure in the woods, stumbles across a tribe of ferocious dragons who have awakened in the 21st century. They have stolen the Justice Dragon’s Nogginor armor, which gives the wearer tremendous power. Rick’s courage is tested as he has to outwit the dragons and retrieve the armor before they attack mankind.

W.R. Miller said...

W.R. Miller
Chapter Book Fantasy
9,450 words

In the year 1540, the heroic Justice Dragon discovers an invading army crossing the border into France. He tries to warn the King, but he has two big problems: (1. He doesn't speak or understand French, and (2. People are terrified of dragons.

Kate Larkindale said...

Name: Kate Larkindale
Email: katelarkindale(at)gmail(dot)com
Title: The Boyfriend Plague
Genre: YA Contemporary
Manuscript word count: 84 000

Shaken by her sister’s cancer, her mother’s desperation and abandoned by her friends, Livvie finds comfort and an attraction she’s never felt before with Bianca. When their relationship is discovered, Livvie and Bianca become victims of persecution and bullying, while at home, her mother’s behavior escalates to new levels of crazy and her sister begs for help to end the pain once and for all. While searching for the strength to make her life her own, Livvie must decide how far she’s willing to go for the people she loves.

Carrie-Anne said...

(Pen) Name: Carrie-Anne Brownian
E-mail: CarrieAnne79 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Title: And Jakob Flew the Fiend Away
Genre: Upper YA historical fiction, Bildungsroman
Word count: 120,000

Pitch: Jakob DeJonghe plots revenge and puts an iron wall around his heart when the Nazis coerce his father into suicide and his little sister mysteriously disappears. In spite of suffering a serious injury when he escapes from a death train, he remains determined to join the Dutch Resistance, find his father’s murderers, and free his homeland. But Jakob never expects to meet Rachel Roggenfelder, who slowly melts the wall around his heart and makes him re-examine his ideas about what the best revenge really is.

Tristina said...

Name: Tristina Wright
Email: tristina[at]tristinawright[dot]com
Genre: YA Steampunk/Mythology (Mythpunk)
Word Count: 75,000


I met her at a masquerade.
I kissed her at a carnival.
I fell in love with her at an execution.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Nicole Zoltack
YA Paranormal

Learning she's magic incarnate makes fifteen-year-old Crystal question her previously unwavering faith. When a witch hunter captures her boyfriend and shamans snatch her aunt in order to lure her out and try to siphon her magic, Crystal tries to save them, but every time her emotions run amuck, her magic goes haywire. If she can’t learn to control her powers, forget about saving those she loves--she just might start the apocalypse.

Sara said...

Name: Sara Cluff
Email: sarajocluff [at] gmail [dot] com
Title: New Haven
Genre: YA Dystopian
Word Count: 75,000

When the rest of her life is decided by a two month Recruitment process, all sixteen-year-old Emme wants to do is live by the colony rules in order to survive Recruitment. It becomes a lot harder when she realizes a fellow Recruit is seeking to destroy her and the President is trying to kill her. What she doesn't realize is that her existence has finally given the rebellious Recruit, Eric, a reason to live.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Nicole Zoltack
YA Fantasy

Princess Leila thought her biggest problems were picking out which dress to wear and entertaining boring princes like Henrick. But when she's kidnapped by a dragon who plans to use her and the book-smart Princess Margriet as rescue bait to lure princes to his lair, she realizes her problems have only just begun. As friendships are formed and rescue seems impossible, falling in love has never been more dangerous.

Christine Danek said...

Name: Christine Danek
Title: Lingering Souls
Genre: YA scifi
Word count: 75,000

When eighteen-year-old Anna Page watched her father die, all she wanted was to join him. Instead she gets a failed suicide attempt and the attention of alien refugees, from a destroyed planet, who want her to fight their war.

Kelly Lyman said...

Name: Kelly Lyman
Genre: YA Fantasy
Word Count: 57,000

Pitch: Bree is an American transplant in Scotland-- thanks to her archaeologist parents-- looking to have a normal senior year. But while attending a party on the shores of Orkney, Bree watches in horror as one of the local girls washes up on the shores, drowned. Then a man, beautiful, terrible, and naked, walks out of the waves and vanishes.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Scully
YA Paranormal
55,000 words

In order to become the next leader of his clan, fifteen-year-old ghost hunter Marcus Blackwell must find the most powerful Medium. Easy, but he never thought he'd fall for Jennifer Strange. Now Marcus must fight his feelings and harness Jennifer’s power to touch ghosts before a dangerous spirit threatens to destroy them all.

Fiona McLaren said...

Fiona McLaren
50,000 words

A brutal abduction. A media feeding frenzy. Only teenage Seth knows where his sister is and why.

Fiona McLaren said...

Fiona McLaren
50,000 words

With a mum with too much Irish in her coffee, a father who bunked off when she was six, and the social handicap of Asperger Syndrome, Libby's life isn't exactly a royal flush. When her mother dies in a drink driving accident, she is sent to live with her frosty aunt. Perhaps joining an online suicide cult is the answer, or perhaps it's the lifeline she's been waiting for.

Matthew MacNish said...

Name: Matthew MacNish
Email: mattmrush(at)gmail(dot)com
Genre: YA Rural Fantasy
Word Count: 90,000

A reluctant juvenile delinquent must achieve knowledge of self and let go of resentment amidst magic and martial arts at the world's strangest reform school. If he doesn't, he'll never be able to help his new found friends (and enemies) survive an encounter with the creatures in the surrounding wilderness.

Teresa Y. said...

Name: Teresa Yea
Genre: YA Gothic Romance
Word Count: 74,000

Seventeen-year-old Ava Nolan’s life as an amateur relic hunter is filled with backstabbing—not to mention literal stabbing—when her quest for an occult ruby pits her against her graverobber uncle and her ambitious boyfriend.

Sarah J. said...

Name: Sarah J. Clift
Email: sjc {at} sarahjclift {dot} com
Genre: Science Fiction
Word count: 76,000

In a Beauty and the Beast retelling, sixteen-year-old Jessa Hughes is a former-nerd-turned-hot-shrew. When her bad behavior lands her in a month-long wilderness camp in Northern California, Jessa discovers fifteen-year-old Isaac, a seven-foot-tall and hairy boy who just might be Bigfoot.

teennovelist said...

Name: April Castillo
Email: teennovelist(at)gmail(dot)com
Title: Soundtrack
Genre: YA sci-fi
Word Count: 76,000

In Tacey Gerrord’s world, life is completely controlled by music broadcasted from the Server hosted within her brother, Sammy.

The Server's frequencies guide behavior, heal patients rapidly, and even direct traffic. But when the Server crashes inside Sammy, Tacey races to fix it before Sammy dies -- or before someone else gets to him and corrupts the Server forever.

Anne Marie said...

Your name: Anne Marie
Email: annemariewrites [at] gmail [dot] com
Title of your manuscript: The Serpent's Covenant
Genre of your manuscript: urban fantasy
Word count: 80,000

Based on American Indian folklore, 'The Serpent's Covenant' is about Cori, a cursed girl who hears disembodied voices. When the Winter Chief kidnaps Cori's brother instead of her, a mysterious stranger materializes and leads her inside a concealed Denver where Cori must battle cannibal dwarves and a giant winged serpent to save her brother's life.

emmet the allisonian said...

Name: Emily Cameron
Email: emilythesecond(at)gmail(dot)com
Genre: YA Contemporary
Word Count: 96,000

Sweet little Beth Runge shocks her family when she converts to Christianity, her friends when she goes off to Jesus school in rural Arizona, and the other boarders at Saltness Christian Academy when she's caught in a kiss halfway between making up and breaking up with everybody's favourite runaway-turned-star-student Gossamer Young. Now it's Beth's turn to be shocked. Gossamer isn't the plucky heroine she's claimed to be, and Beth is left alone in a now-hostile environment to sort out what it all means for her.

Sage said...

Name: Sage Collins
Email: author(dot)sagecollins(at)gmail(dot)com
Title: Hero/Villain
Genre: YA urban fantasy
Word Count: 65,000

Shapeshifter Evie Dark would prefer to chase after her crush--Ace Starr--than chase after supervillains, but when it comes to the life of a superheroine it's always duty first, boys, well, never. When she fails her annual Superheroes' League review, she's kicked out of the League, which means one misuse of her powers and she could be branded a villain. The only way to regain her status as a hero is to capture a villain without the League's help...and the nearest villain is her beloved Ace.

Anonymous said...

Name: Leslie Hauser
Genre: YA Contemporary
Word Count: 72,000

When eighteen-year-old Mallory sees her boyfriend’s lips attached to another girl’s at the end-of-summer party, she loses the last bit of happiness in her troubled life.

Desperate for a spot of hope, she decides playing the lottery is the ticket to erasing the misery that surrounds her as her senior year continues to unravel.

As the lies demanded by this pipe dream begin to lead Mallory astray, she’ll need the help of a the tough yet totally hot transfer student to help her see that a jackpot win is not the lottery’s only prize.

Mary Holm said...

Name: Mary Holm
Title: The Fatal Crown
Genre: YA Fantasy
Word Count: 72,000 Words

Seventeen-year-old Taela isn’t a murderer, but when her sister is arrested for treason and executed, she vows to kill, Hawke, the man responsible, even if he’s the kingdom’s only hope for salvation. Learning that innocent men are being turned into drone soldiers for the king’s army, Taela must rethink her vendetta and make a truce. Their new alliance will be put to the test when the truth about her sister’s death forever ties Taela’s destiny to the very man she wants to destroy.

Kate said...

Katherine Isham
Between Kingdoms
150,000 words

Greita is sent by her living God, Rom, on a mission to many strange worlds to convert the unpious to His ways. As she explores increasingly bizarre lands and befriends so-called sinners, Greita begins to realize that one man's sacrilege is another man's sacred. Just when she completes her holy task, Greita discovers that her sacred beliefs may truly be an elaborate manipulation of her entire people...

Unknown said...

Coreena McBurnie
Antigone: The True Story
YA fantasy
65,000 words

Honour and scandal collide as Antigone, daughter of the infamous Oedipus, shatters history and reveals the true story of her life, the version where the gods appear in her dreams, where she can communicate with snakes, and where she can heal people using the energy of the earth. What looks like a blessing feels more like a curse when Antigone's whole world comes crashing down and she loses her home, her life, her sister, and even the boy she loves. When the gods push her too far, Antigone must make a choice between them and her family, or does she have the power to forge her own path?

Sarah JF said...

Sarah Fiete,
YA Sci-Fi
90,000 words

No one is sure if Radish Town was ever a pleasant place, because if it was, then no one ever bothered to write it down. So it doesn't exactly make thirteen-year-old Wynne's "1000 Places to See Before You Die" list - until he dives into the heart of it on the heels of a Missing Persons mystery. Though he discovers new life blooming through the barren, gear-choked valley, one thing becomes painfully clear: life was so much easier before the plants started talking.

Amy said...

Name: Amy Jay
Genre: YA alternate history
Work Count: 79,000

In 1924, the Great War ends with Texas turning Mexican, and the US scrambles to protect its borders by enhancing the minds of its sharpest young citizens. Pallas Keller risks persecution and, even worse, ridicule to become the first female savant, just as a charming con man targets her in his latest scam.

Unknown said...

Lindsey Frydman
YA Sci-Fi Romance
62,000 words

When Hallie meets Colton, a guy who’s got bigger secrets than the fact that he’s an alien, she finds herself sought after by the Megaera, an outcasted rebel faction. She doesn’t know why the deranged alien mafia group thinks she can help them since she’s not the one who can manipulate energy. Hallie will have to find a way to trust Colton if she wants to avoid being a prisoner or worse—dead.

Unknown said...

Kathleen S. Allen
gaelicfairie (at)gmail (dot) com
NA Space Opera

When her power-hungry sister discovers Olwen Pendragon, President of The Unified Zemele States is a Selchie (half-human/half-seal) she causes Olwen to lose not only her position but the trust in the citizens of the seven planet system. Exiled, she takes a job as a translator on a spaceship bound for the outer planets. Olwen is intrigued by the co-pilot, Kerrick, who is a Were (wolf) despite her seal senses telling her he is dangerous.

Crystal Collier said...

Crystal Collier
YA Historical Fantasy

Alexia doesn't know where he comes from, but his appearances echo the arrival of red-eyed wraiths on moonless nights. Drawn to him, she discovers she is part of an underground race, a people plagued by immortal predators, the Soulless. As attacks from the enemy strike closer to home and family, Alexia must decide if the truth and a love she never dreamed of finding are worth more than life itself.

Unknown said...

Name: Nicole River
Title: Innermost
Genre: Upper YA/Crossover Paranormal Thriller
Word count: 68 000

Pitch: A telepathic teenage girl with a dark past and a talent for trouble is caught in the rivalry between two underground corporations. One wants to hire her, the other wants her dead-- or so it seems. It doesn't take her long to figure out her employers are hiding something major, something that directly affects her-- something that may well get her killed if she ever finds out what it is.

Nazarea Andrews said...

Name: Nazarea Andrews (
Title: Beyond Chains and Stars
Genre: YA sci-fi
Word Count: 90,000

Three sentence pitch:
When twins Juhan and Chosi are stolen from their planet of peaceful psychic by slavers, Juhan swears they’ll survive and return home. But as his slavery leads him into the intrigues of galactic politics, and Chosi’s takes her to the deadly gladiator arenas, the twins have to survive on their own. And each is forced to confront how much they are willing to change, and what price they are willing to pay, to return home.

Unknown said...

Name: Elizabeth Barone
Title: Sade on the Wall
Genre: Young Adult
Word Count: 50,008

When fifteen-year-old Sade discovers that her best friend Jackie is doing hard drugs, she may have to trade her own innocence in order to keep her friend's secret. After trying to ignore Jackie's behavior, Sade starts covering for her in the hopes that she'll just go back to normal. Jackie doesn't want to go back to normal, though, and as things spin more and more out of control, Sade realizes there's only one thing she can do to save her friend.

Elizabeth Prats said...

Name: Elizabeth Prats
Email: Eprats1(at) gmail (dot) com
Genre: YA Myth Retelling
Word Count: 60,000

16-year-old Alex’s love life is nonexistent until she steals Cupid’s dart gun and forces him to teach her how to get the guy she wants. When the Fates take an interest and Hades kidnaps her little brother in an effort to keep Cupid from falling for her, she realizes her decision could cost her brother’s life and the only way to get him back is to play at Hades’ sadistic game. Now, she’s stuck as a tiny voice inside the head of Psyche—Cupid’s ex—and must find a way to survive a story with a deadly ending.

Anonymous said...

name: Elizabeth Ender
title: Hope Sprang Up
genre: YA Historical Fantasy
word count: 70,000

To him, she's the Enchantress, a mere weapon of his mortal enemy; to her, he's just another captured spy she's been ordered to torture. She doesn't know the future of five kingdoms depends upon his fate, but she soon finds he can do what no other spy has ever done: see straight through her. Is there any chance he is the one person who can save her - from herself?

Jenny Kaczorowski said...

Name: Jenny Kaczorowski
Email: jenny.kaczorowski(at)gmail(dot)com
Genre: YA contemporary fantasy/mystery
Manuscript word count: 72,000

Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Alex Blackburn would never do anything to jeopardize his position as one of the Vigiles Nocturni, the secret police of the supernatural. But when the girl next door becomes the target of a soul-devouring killer, he must betray a sacred oath to protect her or risk letting the killer go free. Again.

Jenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenn said...

Jenn Soehnlin
YA Science Fiction
55,000 words

When a select number of classmates mysteriously begin to write, paint, sculpt, and design masterpieces with complete unawareness of what they are doing until after their creation is complete, Ivy searches for the cause. Then the headaches, dizziness, and seizures begin. When a classmate dies, Ivy rushes to piece together the mystery of the creative episodes before her brother or anyone else can get seriously hurt.

Katie Hamstead said...

Katie Teller
Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh
YA Historical Romance

When Naomi is faced with her younger sisters being abducted to be wives to the crazed Pharaoh, she intervenes by offering herself instead to protect them from the cruel and perverted life of the palace.
In the palace, the Pharaoh becomes smitten by her, so the Great Queen Nefertiti out of jealousy seeks to destroy her.
When Naomi bears an heir, the danger intensifies as she fights for them both to survive.