Thursday, 18 July 2013

Three, Two, One, Pitch Contest: Guest Judge!

Howdy! I am so excited. In only one week, We-Do-Write will host another Three, Two, One Pitch Contest! And to top it off, the fabulous judge of this contest is none other than MY super-agent, Lindsay Ribar of Sanford J. Greenburger Associates. (Check out this interview we did a few months ago.)

Associate agent Lindsay Ribar began her career at Greenburger Associates in 2007, working primarily with science fiction and fantasy authors.  In addition to representing her own clients, she co-reps a select number of authors with senior agent Matt Bialer.

Lindsay grew up in New Jersey, where the only logical thing to do after high school was to move to New York. She majored in drama and English literature at NYU, and now works in book publishing, where she reads other people’s novels by day and writes her own by night. She owns approximately twelve bazillion CD’s, attends far too many concerts, and mainlines nerdy television shows like it’s going out of style. She is fond of wine, Ireland, musicals, long walks around Manhattan, and the color blue.

Lindsay is looking for:

- Young Adult: Paranormal, horror, thriller, and contemporary realistic (no secondary-world fantasy or "issue" books, please)
- Middle Grade: Contemporary realistic, literary stand-alones, paranormal, mystery
- No adult of any genre, please; no chapter- or picture-books

So, if you want the opportunity to pitch to Lindsay Ribar in three sentences, follow the directions here, perfect that pitch, and come back on July 25th. See you soon!

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