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Read 'Em & Reap Blog Hop: The Reaper's Rite series

I've been invited to join the Read 'Em & Reap Blog Hop by author Lisa Medley. The blog hop takes a look at tons of cool reaper stories, just in time for Halloween. Take a look through the links and meet your next favorite scary book!

For my part of the hop, I'll be answering Lisa's questions about my books. I've also included an excerpt from MY SISTER'S REAPER to pique your interest, in case you haven't had a chance to give my books a look. Leave a comment telling me who your favorite supernatural creature is for your chance to win paperback copies of My Sister's Reaper and My Tethered Soul! There's also a rafflecopter you just can't miss out on!

Lisa: What first piqued your interest in writing about reapers?

Dorothy: All books need a bad guy, right? When I developed the concept of my protagonist, I had to make sure I picked a worthy antagonist. Zadie, in the Reaper's Rite series, is a Vila—half witch/half faery. She can make things happen, like magical willpower. I needed a creature or being that would match her power and challenge her. I figured a grim reaper would be a pretty challenging being.

Lisa: What makes your reaper different?

Dorothy: What sets my reapers apart from others lies within the Reaper's Rite—a contract made between a witch and a Reaper Lord centuries ago. Not only do the reapers in my books take the souls of deceased humans, but they also crave the souls of Vila. Vila have something special in their blood that makes them more appealing to my reapers.

Lisa: Are your reapers Heroes or Villains?

Dorothy: Big time villains, and creepy as heck!

Excerpt from MY SISTER'S REAPER, Book One in the Reaper's Rite series

I almost didn’t see her. The room was still, and I’d turned to head up the stairs. But something by the kitchen island caught my eye. Something that shouldn’t have been there. A shoe. Mara’s leg, sticking out from behind the counter. I circled the island to find out why she was sitting on the floor and came face to face with a large knife.

Mara was in a tank top, running the serrated blade in a slow line near her shoulder. The cut ran just along the surface of her skin, blood oozing from the broken skin and staining her top. I gasped, and Mara looked up at me with a tear-streaked face.

I dropped to my knees and grabbed her hand. “Mara!”

“I have to.” She pulled away, stronger than I thought. “He wants the pain.”

“Stop it! You don’t have to do this!”

She twisted away from me, her eyes wild as she dug the knife into her shoulder. This time deeper. Lines of red ran down her arm. I grabbed her wrist and used all my might to separate the knife from her skin. She screamed, her teeth bared like some kind of untamed animal. My eyes darted around the room, searching for unusually dark shadows.

I felt desperate, my voice pleading when I said, “Mara, I’m trying to help you.”

“I need more time!”

“Just let go of the knife!”

“You don’t know what he wants from me! You have no idea!”

My Sister's Reaper

My Tethered Soul

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