Sunday, 28 June 2015

We Do Write Welcomes Claire and Miranda

Introducing new members!

The We Do Write team is growing! We're pleased to welcome Claire and Miranda, two fantastic YouTubers who go by the name themawkwardpotatoes, to the blog. Claire and Miranda will be vlogging about bookish themes in correlation with We Do Write, bringing the younger generation's viewpoint into focus on book-related topics, top tens, anticipated books, and more!

 How cool is that! Let's start with some introductions!

My name is Miranda and aside from being in high school, I absolutely love reading, writing, and dancing. As far as books go, I am not picky at the genre; as long as I can get lost in the words, I’m good! I have always been in love with words and the impact the same words can have on different people, and I think that is why I fell in love with writing poetry.

Along with all of that, my favourite thing to do is film videos with my best friend Claire.

My name is Claire and along with reading I am immensely passionate about the Arts. I love singing and playing the guitar as well as performing on the stage in musical theatre productions. I'm a bit of a theatre geek! I also have a love for words; I write stories as well as songs to express myself. For me, reading is a way to escape from my own world and get lost in a new one where anything is possible. My best friend Miranda and I have a BookTube channel where we fangirl together over our favourite books. We always have a blast filming together!

We're so excited for this collaboration, and hope that our viewers enjoy the new addition to the blog. And be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel!

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