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Interview with Tia Silverthorne Bach PLUS Giveaway

What? The weekend is over already? How did that happen? Oh well, we should at least make the most of it, right? I say we indulge in an interview. Want to join me? Well, come along! Today we're talking with author Tia Silverthorne Bach about her novel, CHASING MEMORIES.

Welcome to We Do Right, Tia. Tell us a bit about yourself.

First, thanks so much for hosting me today.

You're very welcome. How long have you been writing?

Since I was able to pick up a pencil and form words.

Tell us about CHASING MEMORIES. What’s the story about?

Reagan is a typical seventeen year old, excited about prom, picking a college, and hanging out with her friends and boyfriend. That is until a family camping trip goes horribly wrong. Is she losing her mind or has she just stepped into a world she thought only existed in books? Caught in a web of worried parents, competing boys, Wiccan relatives, protective amulets, and psychiatrist babble, Reagan must determine the truth before it’s too late.

How did the idea of the story come to you?

My teenage daughter, who is obsessed with the paranormal/fantasy genre, has passed some great books to me over the years. It made me start to wonder how young adults would process a catastrophic event that hinted at a paranormal reality. What if the vampires, angels, werewolves, fairies, and other paranormal creatures they loved reading about really existed?

Do you have a critique group/partner or beta readers, or do you self-edit?

Although I’m a word nerd, I believe self-editing is only a first step. I have been an editor for business publications and now edit novels and short stories, but I know better than to serve as sole editor for my work. Not only is it hard to be completely objective, but it’s also hard to spot mistakes in a manuscript that is imprinted in your brain and heart. After several of my own edits, I handed Chasing Memories over to a professional editor and several beta-readers. Their input was invaluable.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I appreciate the structure of being a plotter, but as much as I’ve tried to embrace it, I am a complete pantser. Often, I don’t see what’s coming until I start typing it.

What’s the hardest part of writing for you?

Having my fingers type as quickly as the story develops in my brain. It’s hard to capture on paper all the things going on in my imagination.

What do you absolutely have to have nearby when writing?

Food. I don’t want anything to force me to leave the chair once I’m in the writing groove, and I have a stomach that knows what it wants when it wants it. Without food, hunger would take over my brain and the words would dissipate, and we couldn’t have that. I don’t over-indulge, but I make sure I’m energized for the exercise of writing.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

An unfailing memory. Not only do I want to remember every detail of my life, both painful and happy, so that I can be a better writer, I also want to never forget a possible storyline or plot development.

What's the weirdest thing you've googled?

How to take care of a wild American toad. Two of my daughters are infatuated with toads, and we “rescued” a couple after a rainstorm. My girls needed to know every weird fact about their new friends, Bella and Jacob.

Quick writing test! Use the following words in a sentence: chase, remember, and profound.

When you chase happiness and remember all it can bring, the most profound moments will grace your life.

Finish this sentence: If I'm not writing, I'm probably ... 

reading or hanging out with my family.

Here’s the part where you thank the people who are supporting you. Let's hear your shout outs.

First and foremost, I am blessed with an amazing and supportive family. In addition, my online writing community is filled with rock stars who are more than willing to share what has worked for them and what hasn’t. A special shout-out to A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80), Indie-Licious, and Melissa Foster’s Team PIF.

And finally, where can people find you and your book online?

Paperbacks are available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Right now, the eBook is only available through Kindle. Soon, it will be available on Smashwords and Nook.

I am here, there, and everywhere. But, mostly you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, and at my blog.

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About Chasing Memories
There isn’t another way; not now. The others are coming. I can’t let them have you…
Seventeen-year-old Reagan has a problem: She can’t remember what happened the night her brother was taken. Now, the dreams haunting her from the incident are becoming more intense by the day. All the while, the lines between what’s real and what’s a product of her paranormal-obsessed mind are becoming blurred.
Is she losing her mind or has she just stepped into a world she thought only existed in books?
Caught in a web of worried parents, competing boys, Wiccan relatives, protective amulets, and psychiatrist babble, Reagan must determine the truth before it’s too late.
Paperbacks are available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Currently, the eBook is exclusively available through Kindle. Smashwords and Nook versions are coming soon.

About the author
Tia Silverthorne Bach is an avid reader, sometimes runner, involved wife and mother, and rabid grammar hound in addition to being a multi-genre writer. Her three daughters were born in Chicago, San Diego, and Baltimore; and she feels fortunate to have called many places home. She's the award-winning co-author of Depression Cookies, a coming of age story written with her mother. Tia's office is wherever her laptop takes her and any place that's conducive to allowing a wild imagination like hers to flourish.

You can find more information on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and GoodReads.


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Thanks so much for hosting me today and for the great questions.

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