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Interview with Eris Kelli

Today we're chatting with author Eris Kelli about her novel, PIPER LEVINE, A GYPSY'S TRUTH.

Welcome to We Do Write, Eris!

Thank you for having me!

How long have you been writing?

Let’s see how long has it been? I’ve been telling stories since I first started putting a pencil to paper, but if you’d rather I answer in terms of finishing my written novels, that would be seven years ago after I had my first child. I became motivated to go after my dreams so that my child would believe me when I told her she could achieve hers.

Tell us about PIPER LEVINE, A GYPSY'S TRUTH. What’s the story about?

This story is about a young woman, Piper LeVine, who has grown up in a political family and though her life wasn’t easy before she learns she has a past that began even before she was born, and it’s a past that has come looking for her.

Piper makes a deal with Nicholas, who is a gorgeous, dangerous and somewhat untrustworthy character himself. She will turn to the Gypsies and in her quest to survive, Piper will find out who she is for herself and discover what she is made of.

How did the idea of the story come to you? 

Well, Piper LeVine, A Gypsy’s Truth, is not my first book, in fact it is my eighth. I got the idea for Piper’s series when I was researching the Gypsy culture for another book I was writing. I get most of my ideas while I’m learning.

Do you have a critique group/partner or beta readers, or do you self-edit? 

I have four beta readers but usually use two per book, I self-edit, I put my book one page at a time through two different editing programs and then for good measure I have it edited by a professional.

What’s the hardest part of writing for you?

The hardest part of writing for me is when I am stranded on the road to get from my A to B. Sometimes when I know where I need to go, and I absolutely have to arrive at B but I am unhappy with the road options I’ve come up with. I refuse to make characters act out of character just so that I can have what I want. Therefore, it is imperative that I discover a route that is probable for my characters, so I’m not cheating. I hate it when authors cheat.
So sometimes I have to try every route I can imagine but the very most difficult part is when I cannot find an acceptable road and then the story must wait until I can discover it. During these times, I dream about it and think about it when my husband is talking, (sorry Babe!) until I find the path from A to B.

What do you absolutely have to have nearby when writing?

Music! I must have music. I don’t necessarily use it whenever I write but if I am writing a scene and I want to totally immerse myself in the scene and make it the best it can possibly be, it often time helps to have music. For example, if I’m writing a fighting scene or an intense moment, it helps if I listen to intense music. A love scene is always better with a romantic song.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I would love to be psychic whenever I wanted. Wait, wait hear me out! This is a good one.

For example:
“Mom, can I go out with Joe Shmoe?”
I gaze into the future and see that Joe is just trouble. “No you may not, my little love. Go out with Billy instead.” See what I’m saying?
“Should I invest in Mac’s self-cleaning toilet?” I peer into my future. “Yes, I think I will.”
Bam, my kids’ college is paid for and so will be their children’s college. Sweet!

What's the weirdest thing you've Googled?

I once Googled just the two words, How to, just to see what I could learn how to do. There is a lot of stuff to DIY out there :D. I’ve probably Googled weirder things but I recommend those two words!

Quick writing test! Use the following words in a sentence: curse, crow, and choppy.

Howard threw a choppy curse at Fredrick and now he is a crow.

How’d I do? Poor Fred.

Finish this sentence: If I'm not writing, I'm probably ... 

playing with my kids, kissing my handsome husband, chasing my dog or catching up with one of my seven awesome siblings.

Here’s the part where you thank the people who are supporting you. Let's hear your shout outs.

Thank you Mom, Wendy, Ashleigh, Rachel, and Angelina for being my best readers and supporters. Thank you to my gorgeous husband who is supportive and inspiring to me. I can’t forget Sam, Jason, Chris, Jon or Andy, you guys have been a great support to me as well. Thank you to my sweet children who make me the best I can be just by letting me be your Mom.

I want to give a shout out to my AWESOME publisher GMTA, their staff especially Kitty Bullard, Kate Bainbridge my agent at GMTA, and my editor Valarie Violette, you ladies have been wonderful to work with and I’m so grateful to have such a great team! Thank you!

And finally, where can people find your book online?

Piper LeVine will be available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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