Friday, 8 February 2013

Three Two One Pitch Contest Official Entry Post

This contest is now closed. I will announce the winner as soon as literary agent Myrsini Stephanides let's me know her pick. Thanks to everyone who participated.

So you think you can pitch? Well, it's time! The Three-Two-One pitch contest takes place today and tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, February 8th and 9th. Are you ready? Great!

But before you begin, take a gander at the rules and regulations:

The Three-Two-One pitch contest goes like this:

THREE - Pitch your story in only three sentences.

TWO - Two days to enter: February 8th and 9th.

ONE - One agent—Myrsini Stephanides of the Carol Mann Agency —will judge and pick a winner.

This contest is open to unagented, completed and polished manuscripts in the genres of:
  • Offbeat, literary, and graphic YA
  • New Adult
  • Upmarket Women's Fiction with a twist
  • Commercial Fiction
NO middle grade, science fiction, or category romance.

To be eligible, you must:
  • Follow this blog - go ahead and click "Join this Site" on the right if you haven't already
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Spread the word! Tweet, Blog, or mention on Facebook about the contest linking back to this post
Not necessary, but in the spirit of paying it forward:

To enter, leave a comment in the comments section in the following format:

  • Name and Email
  • Title of Manuscript
  • Genre
  • Wordcount
  • Three-sentence Pitch

Remember, no run-on sentences! Each person is allowed two entries. I will turn off comments on Saturday at midnight.

Good luck, everyone! Can't wait to read your pitches!


Jennifer Moore said...

Jennifer Moore

Breaking News

Offbeat YA

61952 words

What happens when leading news agency Sharper Eight tires of waiting for news to break and starts making it instead? And what’s the real story behind ‘The Boy Who Jumped’? Told in a series of diary entries, interviews and newspaper clippings, 'Breaking News' is the story of two young interns and their fight to uncover the truth, before Sharper Eight silences them for good.

Michael Anthony said...

Mike Saunders

msaundersrr @

Kids of Kingdom

YA Fantasy


After her orphanage is attacked, 15-year-old Maxine Protega discovers that she holds the key to magic’s future—or destruction. Forced to go on the run with her mortal enemy and mildly annoying best friend, the three navigate through their complicated relationships while traversing territory on the cusps of warfare over Max’s decision. Some believing she will destroy magic and other sure she will immortalize it, the carnage that ensues leaves a close friend dead and doubts about the innocence of magic lingering in Max’s mind.

Christina said...

Christina Valderrama


YA Fantasy


A boy accidentally receives a pair of glasses that helps him see Truth. But seeing truth gets you into trouble, especially when you start spreading it. Now he's on the run as the henchmen of a corrupted realm try to steal back these magical, yet troublesome, glasses.

Unknown said...

Kathleen S. Allen
gaelicfairie(at) gmail (dot) com
Run For Your Life
YA mystery
15 yo Evan, yearbook photographer takes a photo of a crime in progress but no one believes him. When his best friend is murdered and he is accused, Evan sets out to find the real killer before he goes on trial for murder.

Laurie Litwin said...

Name: Laurie Litwin
Email: hagergirl(at)yahoo(dot)com
Genre: Edgy Contemporary YA
Word Count: 60,000


Seventeen-year old Taylor is supposed to be the homecoming queen, not the girl who shows up drunk at school and barfs on the vice principal. Drunk and pissed off after a fight with her arch-frenemy, she gets behind the wheel of a car and slams into a tree – and the truth. She’s doesn’t know how to survive without alcohol and she'd rather die than give it up.

Fallon Stoeffler said...

Name: Fallon N. Stoeffler
Title: Silent Shadows
Genre: YA (Victorian gothic fiction)
Word Count: Approx 65,000

Nineteen-year-old Ella Simpson awakens in a spooky mansion-turned-sanitarium and finds herself rendered psychologically mute following the traumatic death of her baby brother (who she has been convicted for murdering). In another time and world, 18-year-old Esmerelda Rutherford finds herself living on the beautiful and mysterious Island of Shalott, drawn into a dark curse which leaves her imprisoned in a high tower, able only to weave and look into her mirror at the world below. When the two young women's worlds begin to merge unexpectedly, Ella finds that following the mysterious shadows and ghostly woman that calls to her in the night may help her clear her name of the crime she didn't commit, and solve her own mystery, while helping Esmerelda solve hers.

James Koonce said...

James Koonce |
NA/YA contemporary
85,000 words

Just as Jason Wells is about to head off to college, he gets the last thing he ever expected — a text from his father, whom he's never met. Complicating things even more, Dad's not just dropping Jason a line to say hi -- it turns out he's ultra-famous and needs help … the kind of help only Jason can provide. So before Jason even knows what he's doing, he sets college aside and gets schooled a whole different way amid the bright lights and celebrity culture of Los Angeles.

Unknown said...

Deborah Kreiser * deborahkreiserfrancis(at)gmail(dot)com
YA fantasy
71,000 words

On the day she turns 17-1/2, Eugénie Lowry ("Genie" to her friends) is suddenly transformed from lanky to curvy, and discovers she's an honest-to-God, real, live genie, with exactly 6 months to find a master. She wishes more than anything to fall in love and live happily ever after, but is that even possible when a genie is supposed to serve her master? No one's done it before, but Genie's determined to succeed--without losing herself in the process.

Unknown said...

Brad Shreffler
Jack Wrimo and the ori of Flames
YA Fantasy

After buying a pair of hand-carved bookends, Jack Wrimo is thrust into a world he can barely comprehend, full of creatures that disdain the human race, led by an all-powerful and apathetic deity. With the help of Pharia, the powerful overseer of all fire on Earth, he must face a nameless and unknown evil, an evil that has unclear motives and unpredictable actions, and has taken his best friend, Matt, hostage. While simultaneously traversing an unknown world, trying to convince the same creatures that disdain him to help him, and avoiding accidentally destroying all life on the planet, Jack has to save Matt from the danger that Jack got him into in the first place.

D. L. Cocchio said...

Debbie Cocchio -

Souls Entwined

YA Coming-of-Age Paranormal

56,600 words

When 16-year-old Rachelle, who can contact spirits, speaks telepathically with Billy - a whole new world opens up for her.

Black-magic-obsessed Melody is majorly jealous and joins their circle, only to use spells to manipulate Billy into liking her instead.

All hell breaks loose as Rachel and Billy try to escape from her hold and save their sanity along the way.

Sam Walker said...

S P Mount - spmount(at)shaw(dot)ca

Warped Mirrors


56.000 words

Long infatuated by his best friend's upper crust lifestyle, a boy is whisked from his impoverished existence to find himself special guest of honor at a Scottish country mansion – a place that’s he’s often envisioned via some kind of ‘waking plane’. But the experience soon proves to be much more than he bargained for as he teeters on a tightrope between the two classes and finds himself at the mercy of his sinister hosts – a femme fatale and a man who might just be his older self. Together with a mysterious board game that manipulates time, dimension and weather, Julian must decipher the complexity of an unusual Mayan globe - the key to averting life-changing consequences that would affect both his real, and extended families.

Jessica Bell said...

Name: Jessica Bell
Title: Bitter Like Orange Peel
Genre: Upmarket Women's Fiction with a twist
Word Count: 73,000

With a blend of dry comedy and raw heartbreak, BITTER LIKE ORANGE PEEL explores relative values of circumstantial evidence, selective memory, and the understandable prejudgments we’re all so mightily capable of in the passionate protection of those we love. Family relationships are flawed. All we can do is paper over the cracks.

Unknown said...

Marina de Nadous
The Celestial Sea
Upmarket Women's Fiction with a twist
160,000 words

This is the story of an English housewife and mother and an artistic Kiwi man; musician, woodsman and teacher who find themselves embracing life in the Southern Hemisphere in the most unexpected and extraordinary way. The unfolding, lively months take their creative liaison into a clandestine love affair of epic proportion, surprising them both with its spiritual truth. Angel-held and integrity challenged they walk a fine-line between blessing and disaster; dare they merge their growing affection into an everyday reality?

Unknown said...

Verna Austen
YA Historical

It's the middle of the night and 15-year-old Ruby and her mother have just escaped from Ruby's violent father after he has passed out after another night of drinking. They drive all night to Ruby's grandparent’s home in Riverview, Illinois. Not many jobs are available to a woman in 1938, so Ruby stays in Riverview while her mother continues on to Chicago to look for work.

Jessica Knauss said...

Jessica Knauss
The Seven Noble Knights of Lara
Historical-Literary YA
132,000 words

The Seven Noble Knights of Lara is a medieval epic with strong women, valiant knights, and a bloody cucumber. When a young Spanish noblewoman’s beloved cousin is killed right before her eyes at her wedding, her blindly loyal husband wreaks a bloody revenge that will devastate the nation with unstaunched conflict spanning fifteen years. Can a powerful, but confused, young man from Muslim Andalusia make everything right?

Petre Pan said...

Jen Veldhuyzen (Petre Pan),

Issue 339
YA Offbeat
80,000 words

Comic-book superhero Skye takes on awful plot twists every day, but when his parents die in a nasty cliche, he's had it. He shoots his author. But the cop investigating the murder is Skye's best friend's father--and when the publishing company hires a new writer, Skye must decide whether one more murder will save his world, or damn his soul.

Laurie Dennison said...

Laurie Dennison

87,000 words
YA fantasy (with graphic potential)

The forgotten tribal nation of Middeah pays for their perfect health and pristine environment by sacrificing those who trespass onto their land. And typical of sixteen-year-old Etta’s luck, when she “borrows” her dad’s truck for a night of freedom, she ends up trapped in Middeah. To escape, Etta must risk death on the altar stone, but a chance at love and eternal life may be worth contaminating the realm and forsaking the modern world forever.

Unknown said...

Christopher S. Ledbetter

The Sky Throne

YA Fantasy


Three-sentence Pitch:
Sixteen year old Zeus’ failure to follow rules causes the sun deity to attack his family on Crete, leaving his mother unconscious and his best friend dead. Zeus embarks on a quest to discover who ordered the attack on his home, and avenge the death of his friend. When Zeus discovers that Kronos is behind the attack, the only way to confront Kronos is to access the power of The Sky Throne, but doing so could kill him.

Cardyn Brooks said...

Cardyn Brooks
Dodging Eros
Upmarket Women's Twisted Fiction

Sometimes love's like eating forgotten leftover Halloween candy in February, and sometimes it's like consuming a gift box of freshly handmade luxe chocolates in one sitting. Either way, the consequences of indulging are impossible to escape, while the immediate pleasures seem worth the future complications--at least initially. Moving from past to present, Dodging Eros serves up complicated adults trying to protect themselves from their choices in love and in life.

Anonymous said...

Name: Katie Green
Email: kgreen689(at)gmail(dot)com
Title: LET GO
Genre: Contemporary New Adult
Word count: 74,000

Samantha hasn't spoken to her mother since she left for college three years ago. While her roommates deal with their own difficult family members, Samantha focuses on finishing up her last year of college and finding a job that doesn't make her want to kill someone. As the end of year approaches, she gets some terrible news about her mother, and Samantha realizes she might have been holding on to her anger for far too long.

Anonymous said...

Name: Barb Taub
Title: Null City
Genre: NA/Paranormal
Wordcount: 83K

Three-sentence Pitch
After one day in Null City, imps become baristas and hellhounds become poodles, while demons become parents, join the PTA, and worry about their taxes. But when Null City faces destruction, Gaby, a (technically) dead accountant, teams up with Leila, the teenage daughter of the Prince of Hell, to protect the City. It just would have been nice if someone told them the only one who can help is Gaby’s ex — the angel she killed.